My Natural Pearl Collection

Such a beauty! How long will it take to find out? Weeks?

Not sure... I need to find the time to drive to a UPS or Fedex in the nearest city (a long drive from me). I don't know how folks have abundant extra time during the COVID outbreak while still employed, I seem to be busier than ever at work! Since I had shortened the length of the necklace, I had placed the pearls in a baggie with old akoya pearls and now I don't know which is which. I'd guess that'd take some time to sort out. LOL that was a great move. I've never submitted to GIA before so I don't really know what the turnaround time could be, especially with quarantine restrictions. I probably won't be able to send them till we're out of quarantine anyways...
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. The pearls seem to glow in the picture and the clasp is very beautiful.
Thank you, Gemandpearllover! I was able to confirm the clasp is French in origin 18k with diamonds, the style appears to be more towards deco. I've had many pearl pros look at it and the consensus has been evenly split between cultured and natural, it's a real toss up!
Hi! Could I interject a question? What episode of antiques road show should I watch, for your collection?

and you sure scored with that French necklace! It looks great on you!
Well, I Never!!!! Honestly, they missed a good opportunity, then. I mean, pretty, well-spoken, and pearls. What more could they ask for? Huff. I’m disappointed.
At least we have you here.
Mmmmm, not so kind, just honest. I’m thinking we’re pretty lucky to have you here, pretty lucky to have PG!
Hey MSC nice to see you back here! Have you seen the recent natural pearl shares?
And my apologies for the tardy reply. I was part of the election effort in Mexico last Sunday and at around 11 pm I went out to post the election's was very dark and I fell/tripped and broke my right arm. Finding it really hard to post text now.
But I'm glad to see so many of you returning...and an influx of new members too!
The bigger the family...the better :)
I'm OK...just hurts to write or do anything with my right arm & hand. Can't even feed myself (with the right). But it will heal...already in less pain and less swelling.
Thank you for asking! :08:
That sounds really really miserable. At least you are on the mend but I bet you need the cast on for weeks, right?
Yup! And with the heat we have down here (today reaching about 109 F) I feel like scratching an itch I just can't reach! Wonder if I will create a "human pearl" :33:
Douglas, I’m very sorry that you broke your arm! I hope you’re continuing to mend, and are not too troubled by unreachable itches. I don’t know whether the device you use to post can be operated by voice and take dictation. By now you maybe able to type more easily anyway. Sending good thoughts! :smile:
Douglas!!! Ooh I am so sorry to hear you broke your arm ... and in such heat, how miserable! Please don't type a response, rest and recover ... and gather up our love and hugs ... get well soon.