Multi color strand from the one n only Ceessss!

You look like a runway star in those gorgeous pearls ... congratulations !
Thank you for the neck shots! You and your pearls are lovely to behold. Gorgeous colors. Wear your new strand in health. I look forward to following your, and others', ideas about clasps and jewels.
Those pearls are so beautiful, I think they would be lovely knotted as is with a simple clasp. (That way you could enjoy wearing them sooner :) )
Thanks! I probably have to go to gemshops and match them. I do have however unused drop shape almost 6 karat paraiba tourmaline. Its greenish blueish in color. Might match the pearls and incorporate that somehow to this strand.

Thanks Cathykeshi!
Always silent stalking your collection! Hope my hubby will be like your hubby someday hehe. He's starting too! He got me this strand.

I got 2 examples of mt previous clasps from my old necklaces. First one is my big tahiti with custom made flower clasp. Had it made from 22kt gold but its not very secure, the gold clasp insert is not springy enough and the pearls are really heavy. The second one is Cees old strand I got. I found a 18 kt gold seahorse pendant that I want to be made into a clasp. But the jeweller suggest me to incorporate the seahorse as a feature and just add a gold ball clasp. I put 2 photos of the clasp in here.

I don't really like simple clasp hehe. I'm patient and I'll wait.


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    single drop earring and necklace
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    Golden SSP and citrine choker
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Oh my, they are splendid and suit you so well.
Look forward to seeing your clasp - I agree, the simple gold clasp just doesn't do it for that strand!
Those T's are amazing! And I'm all about the fancy clasp! I thought I'd like ball clasps because they're the same shape as the pearls, but I find the hook mechanism too small and fiddly. I much prefer a fancy clasp.

The flower clasp is pretty, but it doesn't have a security latch. If you're going to use a box clasp on those heavy pearls, it has to have a security latch also.

I love the seahorse used on the side.
Ooooooo look at you ! All fancy pants in those fabulous pearls !! They look marvellous and I love the colours !!Very vibrant and I'm sure you will do something amazing with them. The filagree flower is beautiful and I agree with BWeaves that you should have a security latch. ( I'm in total agreement on the ball clasps... I can't stand them ... just like those little fish hook clasps .. far far too fiddly.

Looking forward to your ideas for this strand ! Congrats !
Beautiful pearls, very nice colors on them. They look lovely on you.
Just stunning on and off your neck! That is one serious Tahitian strand. I could look at it all day.
Asurazzy- I follow Cees on Instagram, but can't find him on FB. What name does he go by on FB, please? Thanks
Thanks Pearl Dreams-- I did look under that name originally!
Oh goodness, those are some droolworthy colors!!! You look amazing with the pearls, very regal!
Thanks everybody!

Was thinking to add security latch or modify the bottom a little bit of the flower clasp. Asked seversl jewellers in Sydney and they gave me enormous quotes. So have to keep looking for ways.

I love love love the color of these Tahitians. Was thinking to make a big starfish shape clasp. I want to utilise my unused 3 small Fijian pearls. I have blue, green n copper color. I don't know how but I'll think about it. Or can anyone tell me where I can get unusual big clasp??

I attached Cees facebook screenshot here so people can look him up. I didn't know he got instagram, ill look it up.


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