Multi color strand from the one n only Ceessss!


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May 20, 2017
Hello pearl forlks! Meerryy Christmas and happy new year!

Anywhooo...I saw this really nice Tahitian strand from Cees facebook and show it to Santa. He said I've been a reaaallyyyy good girl this year and he said I can have it yaayy! So I snapped it quick before anyone else does..and the pearl strand is Mineeeee!! I just got them yesterday and it will arrived here in Sydney early next week. I'm posting the pictures from Cees at the moment and when the pearls arrive I will take and post more pictures of my own.

It's 12 x 14.10 mm, 16 inches long and 33 pearls all of them. Per usual I loooveee the colors! I will make a special necklace with this one. Might pair it with big peridot detachable pendant. Think might fit with the dark greens.


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Any strand with that many blues, pistachios, and chocolates is a winner in my book. Extraordinary and stunning.
What a beauty it is. I saw it on FB & was going to contact him. My budget thanks you for beating me to it. The colors are spectacular...I love the blues & greens with the chocolate mixed in. What a fantastic addition. I'm so happy you got it so I can see it on PG!!
The colors are amazing on this strand! And what a great size too. Promise to post pictures, please!!! And congrats!!!
It's beautiful, can't wait for your photos. You have a Nice santa...
Thank you everybody! I am very lucky! Cees posted another fabulous batch of Tahitian pearl strands. More pastel colored than mine. All of the strands including mine is Robert Wan pearls from Gambier Atoll. I hope another PG member got the other strands! Soooo beautifuuul, colorful and nice sizes too! Can't beat it, go check his facebook! I hope you got one of those strand before they're gone Corvettegirl!

I just got sms from fedex that my pearls will arrive tomorrow yaaaayyyy!! Oh and it's free delivery hehe! Can't wait to get em and hold it in my own hand! Be sure that Santa wants to wrap it and put it under the tree but hope he'll let me take a few pics before that.
Thanks Marianne, I do have a very nice Santa.

Katbran Cees have another batch uploaded. Theres a big one 15 mm by 12 mm. Wish I can get those too!

The package have arrived today!! Fast delivery too! Sent Wednesday from Bangkok and arrived in Australua by Friday today! Santa let me rip it open and take few photos out of it! I put it inside one of my wooden pearl box.

Outside its a bit outcast but I opened all my windows and let plenty of natural lights came in. Hope the photo wouldn't be too bad but it just didn't capture the color justice! I will do something special with this strand. I'll have a big clasp specially made and maybe few diamonds spacers. It will take at least a year in the making. Have to save up haha. But it will be worth it!


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Few neck shots!

I just tie the know at the back of my neck. After spacers, knots and big clasp its going to be longer. Might have to remove 2 or 3 pairs of pearls to make it choker style maybe. Ill turn that into dangly earrings. Now thinking about gemstones that might enhance and highlight the colors of these pearls...any idea??


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  • Combination of baroque and semi-round peacock colored Tahitian pearls
    Combination of baroque and semi-round peacock colored Tahitian pearls
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