Lpearls.com warning - they will rip you off - NOT akoya

We get them on a daily basis too. We just send everyone here. They've come through our chat, email support, Facebook page and there are even people who call.

I spoke to Bo at the CPAA and he was also getting a lot of people contacting the org.

It's getting really nutty! I'm getting flooded with calls and messages, everybody looking for Akoya pearls in oysters.

By chance I caught a Facebook "live" opening party. The host was in front of the camera for over an hour, picking names and opening oysters. She would talk about the rare black pearls and even give unique dollar value to each pearl she pulled from the shell.

At one point there was over 500 people online watching.
I suggest that for each new thread we just post one response containing the links to the longer threads, and then close the new thread.
I suggest that for each new thread we just post one response containing the links to the longer threads, and then close the new thread.

I think there ought to be a new rule they must read before they can post. Either that or deleted as spam.

It's rapidly becoming epidemic. Lately, I'm getting more and more requests (if not demands) for these oysters. I don't bother to respond.

There's also been a few supporting the sticky post I wrote in the Consumer Q&A.

One email though, was right off the wall.

my friend is having pearl parties for years that you are selling fake pearls you pearls are fake an everybodys knows pearls are round. She know pearls better you and gift from god. You must stop because you jellous.

I'm not easily intimidated, in fact the opposite is true. It leads to the top of the pyramid. It's slander at the behest of the executives. I'm pinning this directly on those levels, who are openly advising their consultants to provide incentives (free gift draws) for sharing their videos.

Bring it on, I say...
Perhaps it's time to consolidate what the options for action will be regarding these sorts of posts and their posters and take a membership wide vote.
I have wondered at times how many of the posts are 'real' and how many are planted as disguised marketing. But Jeremy is usually pretty good at spotting things like that.

- Karin
I suggest that for each new thread we just post one response containing the links to the longer threads, and then close the new thread.

I agree, we don't need/want those threads clogging up PG.

Hopefully this dies down soon...
How about confining the subject to one thread, like the "I found a clam pearl" thread? When someone new posts, we can move their post to the end and respond with the links.
I think a link to some loose Chinese freshwater pearls and their prices might be a good thing to have as well. Therefore, people thinking they got an expensive pearl can see for themselves, how much the pearls go for on the market. The price lists these shows offer are inflated and no one in their right mind would pay that much for their pearls.

I also vote for consolidating these posts. I guess people think it is the next get rich quick scheme?


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Suggest also for each facebook party page we post a link to the scam page. If we keep posting the scam info (presumably we'll each get blocked from each page) it may eventually help to damp down the nonsense
a question about these wretched things popped up on mumsnet so I contributed to the thread and pointed them to the FB scam thread as well as throwing in the facts myself
I am getting many hits on the entry on this in the P blog too
I recently went to purchase off this site and it looks like the site has been compromised when i entered my email and password for login to the site, it logged in but not into my account it came up with other people's names and all of their details.. I was quiet alarmed by this.. And after reading the very lengthy threads here I will not be continuing with the mentioned site!
Hi all.. I saw a FB site of a silly lady opening oysters for people on a live stream video, my friend sent it to me as a joke.. it was actually hilarious, and terrifying and of course they were dyed freshwater being touted as anything under the sun. That said... I got this email a few days ago.

Dear Friend,

We specialize in akoya pearls oysters.
We have readily available vacuum-packed akoya pearl oysters.
They are all natural and are harvested after 2 years to guarantee
maturity of the pearls.
Right now we have about 2,042 Vacuum-packed Pearl Oysters.

Pearl size: 7-8mm
Oyster Size:5-6cm
Pearl Color: Available in natural white, pink, lavender and mixed colors.

Pearl Shape: round shape (Please measure as per the longer side)

Gross Weight: 4000g per 100pcs/pack

We are looking for someone to purchase all 2,000 oysters which are
selling for US$1,500 (includes free shipping to US ONLY).

Provide the following information:

- order quantity(2,000)
- type of prefered packging
- Delivery address (str. name & nr, city, region/province/county & country)
- tel. & fax nr.s
- Buyer's/Receivers name.

I wait to get your confirmation.

Have a good day.
contact XXXXX
Republic of Cameroon"

As this guy in my knowledge has not been proven to be a scam artist I have edited out all contact information..
Here is the accompanying photo:IMG-20170501-WMA0881.jpg

I am so sorry to hear so many people have fallen for this.. and I whole heartedly agree with Celeste.. oyster guts are pretty icky even when they're fresh!
Republic of Cameroon produces a lot of akoya pearls these days ... ? Oh, dear ...