Lpearls.com warning - they will rip you off - NOT akoya

haha Jeremy! I wondered where those came from! I'm glad the media is paying attention to this trend. Hopefully, they will emphasize the dangers of this product and the deception of these sheisters.
Katbran, I believe I have several distant relatives from there who have left me a sizable "distribution of my inheritance"...they're still waiting on my bank info so they can wire me the funds. They are next in line, after I pick up those iTunes gift cards from Walmart...so I can pay the IRS for my tax bill...otherwise the magistrate will be knocking on my door.
Wow ..you have relatives there too ?!?! I'll bet you have some great business offers from Nigeria as well ... I'm considering sending a member of a Nigerian royal family all of my bank details so he can deposit his money with me ...I'll get a substantial fee of course for accomodating him in his quest to get all those millions out of the country . Ohhh I forgot ...another few royal women want to marry my husband ..if only they had the money to settle a few debts and then fly over ... I'm pretty sure there are a few Russian women who want to marry him as well ...( he's very popular)