little h collection now at TWIST

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Pattye. Like cream, Hisano keeps rising to the top.
Oh my gosh Pattye! You know about Twist? I was working very hard to fulfill their order before Ruckus! The owners are lovely and insightful couple and they are truly wonderful to work with. I am so so honored to be in their lovely store!!! Thank you for posting!
Thank you GemGeek and Marianne :eek:
Lol, Hisano, yes, everyone in Oregon probably knows TWIST and will now be introduced to you and your awesome collections! I don't know the owners personally, but love how they support artists. TWIST is located across town from me, so I don't go there as often as I'd like. Now I have a great reason to visit soon!
Always fantastic to see stores supporting artists! Congratulations, Hisano! :)
This is awesome news!!! Her pieces are so beautiful in person! The detail that goes into each piece is really amazing! So glad I got a good look at all her creations last weekend. They are spectacular eye candy!!!
Congratulations, Hisano! I agree with amti, Hisano's pieces are created with extraordinary detail. It was a joy to see so many of these beauties last weekend!
Congratulations, Hisano! And thanks for letting us know, Pattye!
Congratulations, Hisano! Your gorgeous creations are spreading around the country.
Congratulations, Hisano!!! Your creations are so original & unique! Thanks for sharing, Pattye!!
OMG, Hisano I knew it was only a matter of time before you graced Twist with your creations! Every time I visit my family I always stop in - I’ll be sure to take a look and tell tell them I know you -lol!!
Btw, your latest lapis & gold creations are exquisite. Those are on the top of my of next purchase list!!!!
Congratulations, Hisano! Your collection is so very special and unique! Thank you for the info, Pattye.