Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

I got a pastel bracelet set from CMW, and used it to extend my pastel tahitians. I really like the result!
It looks quite well Linda! The new pearls just coordinate very attractively with the Tahitians!
I also like your "Cat"
I made this with what my daughter calls 'macaroni beads'. She is remembering when in preschool she made necklaces out of actual macaroni. I think these silver ones are really neat, with amethysts.
Have been admiring your projects, linda.wald, but only now logged in to comment.
So many pretty pieces
Thank you, Happy Huku! I've been lazy about posting lately. We went on a trip to Canada, my daughter promptly caught Covid, and we quarantined for 5 days in an Ottawa hotel room. What a trip! Then we came home, and my husband caught it, so more quarantining. I can tell you, it is much nicer to be home! 3 adults in a small hotel room for 5 days, and everyone survived without harsh words. Not bad.
Oh my, so sorry to hear of your covid quarantining, hope you are all through it now.
3 adults in a hotel room for 5 days and no harsh words is most admirable.
It was kind of amazing, but I am very glad we are home and healthy now! It will be a very long time before I will be able to talk my husband into traveling... But here is some lovely tiger eye that I found:
That sounds like quite a trip to Canada!

When I started importing pearls as a flight attendant in the 1990s, one of the first pieces was a strand of pearls interspersed with tiger eye beads!
Whew, it's been over a year! I've been following PG spasmodically. I recently got some Ethiopian opal beads, which I put together with some labradorite. They are really hard to photograph, they change so much with the light. I made a necklace and bracelet, and plan on earrings.
linda.wald Love your do you decide which "string" to use. Do some of those stones have rough edges or do you make sure they are smooth? I have usually strung stone necklaces.. (never had a problem)....but recently heard that glass and stone should always be on wire, not "string". Love your and not sure I placed it in the right place to be seen.
Hello, A Breaker! I used to use wire and crimp beads, but I like the look of the Serafil and gimp better. The size of the hole in the beads determines the weight of the Serafil, and the color can go from blending in to bright contrast. The necklace I started this thread with was on silk, but I kept breaking it. I have a reaming tool to help smooth out rough beads. So far I have had very few problems, except when the holes in the beads are tiny. I am working with some multicolor sapphire beads that have very small holes, but the 40 weight Serafil works most of the time with a fine needle.
I have a very vintage string of JET beads that I am wanting to string with pearls....I know that it is not antique correct, I just love the thought. (No way most Victorians could have pearls and JET or would even try.) Might string each, but wear together. Hmmm pondering
Hello! It is fun to look around and get interesting ideas. No, Victorians wouldn't mix pearls with much of anything, they were such a rarity. I am very glad now that they are much more plentiful (thanks to the cultured pearl industry), so we can enjoy doing lots of things with them! To me, mixing jet and pearls sounds like a great idea. Are they real jet or French jet? The sapphires I am working with now are going to take a long time, since it has 3 strands and the beads are 3mm rondelles. I literally only do a few inches a day, before my eyes and back give out. I keep telling myself "No Rush".