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Lavender Freshadama studs for everyday- am I crazy?


New member
I want my next pearl purchase to be a pair of everyday earrings for myself, probably 7.5-8mm Freshadama studs. Now I am stuck trying to decide between white and lavender. White seems the most obvious, classic option, but I don't actually wear that much white- mostly dark colors, so I worry they would look incongruous with many outfits. Lavender is mostly suggested as a "funky" or "different" color, but it seems to me like it could be good for everyday because the color is somewhat muted and hard to pin down, so it might not clash as much? Also, with white, if in the future I get an akoya or WSS strand I will probably get matching earrings, which would render my white freshwater studs obsolete, whereas (natural) lavender is unique to freshwater pearls.

I realize I am probably overthinking this, but do you guys have any input? Also, do you think 7.5-8mm would be a good size for everyday? I am 5'3" and small, with small earlobes :D I don't want the earrings to draw attention to themselves but I don't want them to be insubstantial either.


New member
I have 7.5-8mm lavender studs and I wear them ALL THE TIME. They actually seem to go with almost everything! Mine are a bit more on the pinker-peachier side of lavender rather than the bluer side, and the color is really neutral. I also am rather short (5'4") and have small lobes, and I find the size perfect, not too small but not too large either. Good luck and post pics of what you choose!
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Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
IMO lavender is a more-nearly-neutral color in pearls than, say, peach is. It goes with a lot of different clothing.

As there are different shades of lavender, you might ask for photos of 3 pairs or so, and pick the shade that you think would suit you more.


purveyor of pearls
I like big pearls (and to me 7.5 is tiny) and I like lavender.
Who is saying that lavender is funky or different- in any case, they're bonkers and living in the C20th


New member
I have a pair of silver-white 7.5-8mm Freshadamas and as a fellow 5'3"-er with small lobes that size is great, very wearable daily but also large enough to be substantial. They are definitely my go-to daily pair and I agree with the others about getting the lavender especially if you will be buying a matching pair for a white necklace in the future anyways.


Pearl Girl
I love Lavender! Yes, white is "classic", but I don't see why you couldn't make Lavender your new classic ;) Go for it! :)


New member
lavender yes! i am daily wearing my 8-9 possibly 9.5mm dark green tahitian studs every day lately, and i'm 5'2", and noone has even NOTICED. so i'd say, 7.5-8 might be even a bit small! of course, i have dark hair, the studs might be getting lost in the tumble. hmmm. maybe *i* need some 8-9mm lavender freshadama studs. hmmm...


New member
haha thanks pattye! :) speaking of which, i need to get a selfie with said tahitians.

NOT TO DERAIL: doubledouble, i really hope you've gotten yourself a pair of lavender freshadamas in whatever size!


purveyor of pearls
Can't believe how prescriptive some naysayers are out there...you can wear 7mm no you can't wear 8mm, this colour is okay and that isn't. Pook. Wear what you want. As long as you don't frighten the horses what you wear is entirely up to you and no-one else.

(and that rant-ette is not directed at anyone here, rather some narrow minded people out there who just criticise and whisper behind their fingers)
Wendy: you are wonderful! You often make me chuckle.
"As long as it doesn't frighten the horses" is one of our favourite family quotes.
And yes, you are so right; if you love it, wear it and enjoy it.


New member
Doubledouble what is good for me might be totally wrong for you so my advice is to buy what makes you happy and if it is lavender so be it. :)