New user advice for a gift


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Feb 20, 2021
Hi all,
It's Marco from UK. I found this amazing forum while I was surfing on Google to find the perfect gift for my girlfriend. She is turning 30 and she already has a pair of stud pearl earrings (white). I don't know the size nor the type of the pearl. She wears them everyday and I can't measure them.
I would like to surprise her with a new pair of pearl stud earrings. I found here a few UK vendors. I am focusing on those 2 options:

Not sure if 7.5/8 mm will be too small. I attached a picture of the current earrings, can you guess what size are they? She has blue eyes but I was thinking to go with the white/rose color.
What would you suggest?
Thanks for any advices!
Hello Marco/Balloobb, and welcome to our forum!

I have a preference for blue/green overtones when the pearl wearer has blue/green eyes and white skin, but when the pearls are smaller than 9 mm you can barely notice this anyway (at least with my flailing eyesight).
The earrings in the photo seem to be about 7-8 mm to me...but we don't really have a way to gauge this from the photo. To me the pearl looks pretty against her skin, but too small.
Remember: it all boils down to PERSONAL preference!
Happy weekend :)
I'd go for the larger size unless she spends a lot of time on the phone. Larger studs can feel awkward when holding a phone against one's ear.
Thanks cortezpearls for your suggestion, I will take a look to green/blue colour as well.
Pearldreams she spends hours and hours with the airpods, but I don't think that this is gonna be a problem.
Thank you both !