Late Pearls of the Week - Amazing Jewelry Theater


Sep 20, 2006
I had a heck of a time posting with my cellphone last weekend and forgot to make a separate post to trigger the new posts function. BUT, this jewelry website is not to be missed. This photo is monochromatic, but most of their jewelry is a fantasy of color and you will not be disappointed if you spend some time cruising their gallery. The website link is in the POTW article.

Jewellery Theater 1.jpg
I found my way there too Blaire, and it's GLORIOUS! Like Pattye, I don't mind a few diamond accents, but much prefer colored stones ... and pearls ... and mixed together, oh, my (I wish LOL)! I did get one little brilliantly simple and inexpensive solution idea for a jewelry puzzle from that site, so double thanks!
They couldn't have been more accommodating, but they didn't have any of the more spectacular pearl pieces at the show. But the pieces they did have were little treasures. Who wouldn't like to have a pea pod pendant with South Sea pearls? :)
JerseyPearl! haha aww thank you - you are very sweet. Yes this ring is from one of my mom's jewelers in Taipei. I posted some of her pieces in the Taipei Jewelry thread. To be honest, aside from pearls, it is hard for me to buy jewelries here in the US... I just get much better selections at much better pricing in Taiwan.

This ring is actually "inspired" by a Dior design (but of course at fraction of the cost :p). Main stone is facetted amethyst, and the surrounding stones are multi-color sapphires with a teensy bit of rubies & emeralds. I think metal is blackened white gold (or rhodium plated whatever the process is to make metals look more vintage). Posting more pics here, but please excuse the embarrassing bandaid resizer - my fingers are tiny and you can't quite resize rings like these (with designs built through the shaft of the ring).

One year, I kidnapped Dior Amethyst home and didn't tell my mom until I landed in NYC. I was like oops mommy, I didn't realize I was still wearing the ring until after I boarded the plane! Hmm right... :rolleyes:

My mom subsequently acquired a sibling ring in Prehnite cab, which I subsequently also kidnapped a few years later. So now I have both. ;) I find the Amethyst to be more wintery and the Prehnite to be more summery.



I know they are huuuuge on my fingers, but I love these 2 rings to death! Even though they are not transformers, I guess they are kinda multi-purpose - jewelry + weapon lol. ;)
Purranha-- WOW! They are stunning!

Ha ha, yes I did notice they have a "Pearl Dreams" collection. ;)