Just in time for Christmas?

Well, that's a lotta look for clothes hamper.

Doh, I didn't notice the size.
Well, if it’s a gift-reticule, imagine what must be inside! I looked through the other options, and I think a five-rib in pearls over black might be stunning, and over white with spangles I’d imagine magic inside!

The rhinestone I’d worry about the metal catching and picking my glorious holiday silk-satin garments.

(I actually missed out on a pair of shimmery light gray silk satin palazzo pants, back in my glory days. I was too cheap, or broke, to recognize a bargain. Sigh)

Thanks for the fun link, Wendy!
I think Jane Austen used that word, mostly I have read it in older literature. I prefer to read books in their original language (if I know it that is). There are fewer words in swedish and that’s fine if it's a swedish book. Translations loose nuances though.
It's cute but awfully tiny. My XL phone would never fit into it.