Gudebrod - Silk Thread

Thanks Cathy, every little bit helps, doesn't it? Maybe I'll return half of my Griffin silk, and use the credit for the PowerPro @ Fire Mt. I'm going to look at the Gander Mt site now.

So, Caitlin, do you think Dandyline is good for short necklaces, then Powerpro for long or endless?
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Hey Darla.
Good work!
I would try that ncp thread in an instant though PP is far stronger for the weight.

Yall did see the link to Suzanne's site where she has a stash of numerous gudebrod silk spools for sale? $11.98 I put so many words in that post, it would be easy to miss if you are skipping through it. So get yer silk while its still there. Link in earlier post.
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I caught the link, and thanks. I figured if you have to have Gudebrod black A+B = F (grins). I'm marker-coloring my Griffin white silk with colors to see what happens.

They're just average markers;
Sharpie (Yellow and sky blue),
Major Accent -Highlighting for readthrough(blue-green, green, pink and babypink, orange, and flourescent yellow),
Marks-a-lot (black), and
Unison fine point for the red. Very deep, intense color

So far it's taken the colors well, and pretty evenly - only yellow and light green are a little uneven, and I've only applied one coat.

It dries fast.

I'll wash it later and judge the colorfastness, although that's asking a lot from your average markers... then I'll separate the strands to see how deeply the color penetrated.

I realize this is probably only relevent for those of us who're financially challenged.
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My experience is that only the Sharpie brand is colorfast, but with rubbing against pearls, who knows? Many times I have used a dark Sharpie to fix a scuffed or scratched shoe to save money. ;)
Hi Blaire,

So you've already tried the markers on silk. I missed that, although I do remember the suggestion to use markers on powerpro. I'll go back and read again, thanks!

If you've already done the work, thank you - no point re-inventing the wheel! Sharpies full speed ahead...
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