Help a lurker select a pair of SSP stud earrings!


Sep 4, 2014
Greetings P-Gr's!

I have been long time lurker, & have enjoyed reading your many posts, & seeing all your photos of your glorious pearls. You really have some gorgeous pearl collections!

I am interested in purchasing a pair of W SSP stud earrings, & wanted to ask the community what I should look for in a w SSP as far as overtone, size, luster, etc.

I have a local BM jeweler who carries Baggins Pearls. He has called in a few pairs for me to look at, but nothing has really spoken to me. My mind keeps going back to the gorgeous SSP's I've seen on these pages...

Today I sent an email off to Cees at Amsterdam Pearls. Am waiting to hear back from him hopefully soon. I plan on sending PP an email in the morning as well.

What overtones are most desired in a w SSP? What overtones are the most sought after? What else do I need to look for/at, as this process evolves when it comes to selecting a pair? (Taking into account the obvious grade, luster, surface attributes.) I notice online that some look to have a slight greenish overtone, to varying degrees of silver and of course, white. I just don't know enough to know when a true beauty is staring me in the I'm turning to you for your help! :)

As for size, I'm planning for daily wear, so not too Wilma F. looking, but big enough. I've tried on 10mm, 10.5 & I believe 9.5mm's for size. The larger pairs look kind of large to me & I realize that size of the stud can be quite subjective, but if any one of you could weigh in with the benefit of your experience, I'd greatly appreciate it!

It's bed time here as I am on EST, so I am off to bed. I forward to reading over your thoughts. I must also apologize for the umpteenth thread on "WSS pearls." I must be searching incorrectly as I can't seem to drill down to specific WSS selection 'how to' threads. Thank you in advance for your pearl thoughts!!
Hi elseje,

I find that pearl overtones show up better in some lighting than others, and photos can punch up the colors. It's easy to look at people's photos and be wowed, but In person, in average light, the pearls may not appear quite the same... just saying. That being said, if you have seen photos of pearls that wow you, whether on this forum or on any other site, then you could show them to the vendors you are contacting and ask them if they can fnd something like that for you.

Also, wSSP tend not to have as sharp luster or as intense orient or overtones as akoya pearls.

As to tone, what looks good on your skin tone may not be what looks good on others. The silvery bluish tone of some SSP doesn't look so good on me. I prefer a cool white with a touch of rose. Some WSS have both rose and silver/blue overtones...I have not seen any like that in person but I'll bet they would flatter many complexions.

There isn't a best size for studs. A lot depends on the size of your ear lobes, and whether they can support the weight of the stud without drooping. Likely you will want an extra-large earring back but that may not be enough if you have wimpy lobes. I have large thick lobes :rolleyes: and can comfortably wear 11-12mm. But my favorite size for studs is 10.5-11.0mm.
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Thank you so much Pearl Dreams for your input. Especially your tip about sending photos. So I just sent out these photo's that I've saved over the years to the venders:

12.5 WSS, 16.9 Edison, 14.9 Tahition .jpg