Fair feedback for this GSS pearl with messy drill hole!

Clarifying, it's actually until positive feedback or until 21 days have elapsed (whether or not feedback was given.)
Maybe he doesn't have 100 sells, but that is how it now works when he sells posters. It is good feedback or a certain length of time. Usually he gets the feedback very fast though.
I think you need to escalate on the paypal site. You will see the transaction number and should get options on what to do. If the item is not as described then you have the right to ask for a refund. If the seller gives you the option to return within a certain time, you do not need to do anything more, though you would have to pay for shipping.
I just checked and he has sold less than 100 items. 7-8 posters a year from his private collection, for 8-9 years, it is unlikely he will ever be a power seller. And yes they do hold his money, until the transaction is complete.

Neverthe less, paypal itself has a resolution center :
[h=2]Report a problem[/h]
  • Didn't receive your item?
  • Received the wrong item?
  • Don't recognize a payment?
with a button that says, "Dispute a transaction."
^^I did file a dispute and he did offer me a refund but no return shipping. I'm guessing thats about as far as I'm going to get with it. I'm going to see how the pearl looks strung on some wire with some beadcaps I'm waiting on, and if it looks strange I guess I'll send it back. Thank you all for your advice and direction!
eBay really should think about incorporating return shipping as an option through their website because tracking is free. Shipping a 3oz package through eBay is only a $1.69, while the post office charges you about $3.50. It's a complete pain in the bum now too because you gotta buy your own tape and the no longer assist you with packaging should you need assistance. I guess it's their new way of cutting cost and for that reason, I ship everything from home. You can print labels from their website at a much cheaper price. ~d

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A Happy Ending...

Well, I received some supplies today and decided to try to string up this pearl and see how it looked. I was pleased with how it came out (even though it wasn't originally what I had planned for it), so I've decided to keep it. Aside from the messy drilling, it is a very pretty pearl, good color and luster and round, and blemish-free. Here's what I came up with:

And here's how it looks on:

I think that the beadcaps are pretty, and although they obscure more of the pearl than I had hoped, I like the overall look. I chose these garnets because I think they make the color of the pearl pop a bit. While I think that this seller should have been honest in his listing and I think he was very rude and deceptive, I am happy with the decision to keep the pearl. Thanks again everyone! :)
Very pretty! Love the garnets and the bead caps are really really nice. The combination reminds me of the sun and its perfect for the summer. Awesome job!
What a perfect way to use that pearl! The finished project is beautiful and no-one (except us) will ever know... Well done!
Thank you all, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out after all that drama! The length really is perfect...it hangs a *teeny* bit lower than it shows in the picture (I was straining my chin way up trying to get a good pic of the necklace :) ), and it hangs very comfortably right at the hollow of my neck. And it DOES remind me of the sun, too!