Custom AAA, FW, triple-strand bracelet_With a story!


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Feb 18, 2013
A little background on this special bracelet that I have been excited to show on PG:

I received the mother’s day special discount from a PP email in 2013. I asked for a custom order for a bracelet. I told them my budget, and I wished for white, AAA, FWs in a triple/quad strand. Together we came up with an awesome design. Unfortunately, the final price was 50% of the budget OVER the budget, and even though I wanted it soooo badly, I am too responsible for my own good. I thanked her for her time. She said that she would hold it in case anything changed in the future. I was pretty disappointed, but it is what it is. I wasn’t upset with the woman that was helping me. She was so kind. I was upset that we came up with such a fantastic design, that I couldn’t wear anything else, so I would have to file it away for “maybe in the future”. I kept it in my “Pearls” email folder and kind of just forgot about it.

So, fast forward to January 9th 2015, my 5th wedding anniversary and WHAT does my husband produce in front of me, you ask?? The pearl bracelet that wasn’t meant to be! I had completely forgotten about it because I try not to obsess over what I cannot have, so I was floored. First, I can’t believe he even remembered that I wanted this bracelet because a) it was so long ago, and b) I didn’t really talk to him too much about it when I was working with PP to make it because I was buying it for myself. I actually haven’t asked him how he did it, now that I think about it… I know that in October or November 2014 he emailed someone and said, “Hey, does anybody remember this?” or something like that, but that’s pretty much it. I should ask... I could not stop looking at it. It’s so shiny. It’s heavy and I feel like I am wearing something special when I have it on. I love the feeling that it's cold when I put it on, and then it warms up with my skin (my diamonds don't do that!). I have been dying for a time to wear it since January, and I did, on my 30th birthday dinner this month with our friends and family. That’s why I have been back on PG actually. I wanted to upload a picture for everyone because it is beautiful and I love all of the beautiful pictures myself, and also because I haven’t bought myself any pearls in two years!! So I have been looking for inspiration. I am going to try to not and get “too big for my britches” or let my “eyes get too big” because it was a rough experience wanting something so badly that I could not have. I am learning the difference between window shopping and coveting--it's the finest of lines. Those 16mm champagne south seas though….

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Most are of the new bracelet, but I added one of me and my pearls (and the husband that has connected us) in our glory on my birthday last week.

On a funnier note: one of the girls at the dinner table asked me if they were cultured pearls. In my head I was thinking--in the lightest of spirits, of course-- NOPE, the queen of England is a special friend of mine and pulled out these pearls that the queen of Egypt gave her family… But I just said, "yes, they come from freshwater mollusks." I am proud of my pearl knowledge.

Ps. Assuming that this is the original bracelet, the largest center pearl is 11mm and they graduate down from there. The two outer strands are 6-7 mm.


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Gorgeous! I love the design of your beautiful bracelet, the pearls are gorgeous, and the husband isn't bad either. ;)

Thank you so much for coming to show us your beautiful pearls and to tell your story.
Beautiful bracelet and beautiful story!

And how nice of your husband to surprise you with it. Congratulations on the bracelet and the husband!
What a wonderful story, Mrs. D! The bracelet design is very beautiful- enjoy : )
What a great story! I love the design of your bracelet and congrats on your anniversary! ..and what a thoughtful husband!
Beautiful bracelet and a lovely story, enjoy your bracelet, and thanks for sharing!

DK :)
The pearls and design are just beautiful -- but the picture of you wearing the pearls with your husband is the best. Enjoy and wear in health for decades to come. Hat off to your clever and thoughtful husband!!!
Thanks for sharing your romantic, loving story and your amazing bracelet!
A good looking bracelet and a good looking couple!

I really, really especially like pearls that I get to enjoy when I wear them, not just everyone else. So now I'm wondering why I don't have more pearl bracelets. Hmmm...
What a beautiful story, your husband is so thoughtful! I love your bracelet, it's stunning!
I love the bracelet and necklace Mrs D, pearls really suits you, gorgeous photo and congratulations.
A lovely story, great looking pearls and a sweetie for a husband! Thanks for sharing!
Totally heartwarming, and I know the emotions you wrestled with; and what a guy!

it also looks like you got the pearl colors right! The bracelet POPS beautifully against your skin.
Thank you, all. I am glad that you were able to enjoy the pictures and the story. He sure is a one-of-a-kind kinda man.

I also noticed that there weren't too many pictures of pearl bracelets. Maybe a lot of people do not wear bracelets. I imagine that I will most likely only have this one and perhaps a tin cup, or a Cape Cod style. Where as earring and necklaces, I will probably have many types in my collection someday. I would really like a large pendant next, I think. But I am working on some earrings now with PP, so that may be it for a while. :)
Let me echo what everyone is saying - the bracelet is incredibly lovely and you and your husband are a great couple. I love all the photos! :)
Allow me to echo the echoes ... absolutely beautiful ! And can't say enough about that lovely husband of yours! What a keeper !! To have remembered that bracelet ... remarkable ! Guys usually don't pay that much attention to such things..imho ... lol Such a great story. And it is very difficult to put so much effort into a design and then not be able to have it. But it was meant to be ... even better the way it turned out !
What a lovely bracelet design ... and a sweet, thoughtul hubby too ... congratulations!
That husband is keeper. Very thoughtful too. Now that bracelet is just beautiful. Your design is unique and stylish. Congratulations and enjoy this beauty.
Thank you :) I love it!