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Aug 11, 2019
I wanted to start a thread for myself here. I’ve been learning about pearls since last August, courtesy of Pattye’s stringing kit and all of your generous info on PG.

I may collate some of my earlier projects here later, some as “what not to do.” Haha!

In the meantime I think we are much in need of some diversion, so I thought I’d post pics of two newer things I’m working with. One is a string of small Tahitians that some of you have seen before. I’m currently busier with fiber projects rather than with jewelry or pearls, but I decided this week that wearing some of the Tahitians would cheer me up. So I strung them on elastic today, provisionally. Also I received a really big pearl pendant last week which I’m intending to wear soon. It already has a bail, so I’m deciding how to wear it around my neck. Suggestions are very welcome—I prefer longer necklaces, since I like to see the pearl I’m wearing!

So I hope y’all will enjoy these images. Nothing spendy or spectacular, but pretty and fun.

I wish the orient on the huge pearl would show up better!

❤️ to all,






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Thank you, BWeaves. The enhancer is a fab idea!

The pearl is a huge freshwater from Wen. I didn’t get to choose—the item is “very large pearl pendant.” Reviews were great and I was not disappointed! The bail is 18K gold plated. Love the idea of being able to wear it on various chains or cords.

Wish the colors would show up better on the Tahitians. Later I might edit the photos to represent better what my eyes can see.

I have more finished projects that I have not yet posted, so I hope to entertain y’all here in the next while.
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The bracelet is gorgeous. Tahitians goes with everything really and you will be able to see it all the time. Note to self: make more bracelets, currently I have none. The pendant is really pretty as well. I like pearls with caracter.
Thank you, Charlotta! Now that the glue is dry on the knot I will wear it! I don’t usually put pearls on elastic cord but I wanted instant gratification. The holes were too small for me to double the elastic. But I will wear it only at home, so if it breaks I can find all the pearls! I’ll probably wire wrap them into a sturdier bracelet soon. The colors make me very happy. They were described by Wen as AA (her grading), but they have very few blemishes and are very glowy!

Here they are in Wen’s photo.


I actually ordered another of those huge pearls. Will post a pic of what I receive.

I have other projects I will photograph and post when the sun comes out. We all need to be entertained!
Those are gorgeous. I hesitate to order anything from outside europe since our postal service have problem delivering and recieving from countries with closed borders. China have been on that list since january. I do however have some gorgeous golden circled south sea pearls coming to me from Pearlescence.
I ordered the 2nd pearl pendant over 10 days ago. Hope it will arrive sooner rather than later! Glad you have the south sea pearls to look forward to!
Love the bracelet. The pearl size is perfect to not get in the way, but still be available for viewing enjoyment. Can't wait to see what the second pendant looks like. Maybe you can wear them with different length chains for an upper and lower arrangement in a multiple necklace grouping. And I adore your cat!
Love the purple tones in the Tahitians. I think your pendant has great luster and is very pretty.
The Tahitians are very pretty. I can see why you'd want to wear them right away.
I’m going to string them properly very soon. I wouldn’t want to lose any of them!

I think we will have sun today, so I can photograph and post my new metallic bracelet, and some bracelets I made with microsuede and satin cord.
I thought I would re-animate this thread rather than start a new one for new projects. I want to redo a strand of Akoyas, the very first decent bargain I got on eBay. I haven’t paid them much attention a while, and I think they need some TLC and a new ‘do. I agree with someone here who said to me that it appears the strand (18.5”) was created by combining the better pearls of two strands. The larger, whiter pearls (ca. 6mm) have a rougher surface than the smaller, yellower ones. The smaller ones (ca. 4mm) have good lustre, and also have a distinct pink gleam, which I really like.

So I don’t think these pearls do each other any favors strung next to each other. The good points of each don’t complement each other.

I could easily make two bracelets, or create two necklaces by combining each type of pearl with another pearl or gem that would complement them.

Thank you for basically listening to me think out loud. I would love any suggestions.

I hope you all have a very good and SAFE rest of your day/evening!


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You could add some golden south sea pearls to the smaller akoyas and make a strand. I did make a waverope with golden akoyas and some huge golden south sea pearls recently that I really like. It doesn't have to be graduated akoyas. You could add the south sea pearls randomly.
The bigger whiter akoyas could be combined with some silvery blue akoyas or some silver tahitians. Or maybe some baroque white south sea pearls.
You are going to have a great time making those pearls yours.
I love those ideas, Charlotte. I think they deserve a nice setting in good company! I don’t look well in golden colors (gold metal jewelry is ok), so perhaps I’d try to find something to pick up the pink in the smaller Akoyas. The larger Akoyas do show a blue flash, and mixing them with silvery blue akoyas would be nice! I also have some glowy silver-gray Tahitians, but they are qute large. It’ll be fun to play!
I agree, there's not enough contrast between the size and colors of the two sets of pearls.
So for a long time I’ve been wanting to make a big pearl ring with wire. Today I finally experimented with a new pearl and gold-colored wire, and I’m very happy with the result. I try not to use precious metal wire on the first try, and I’ll redo this with gold-filled wire soon. I absolutely love how it turned out. I’d seen a similar ring in a boutique, and finally I had the right tools, the right wire, and some time to play. (I made drawings and measurements, too, which I’m glad I did now.) The pearl is a 12mm white South Sea pearl that I got in the mail this week. It’s so nice to be wearing it! I’ll start on my SSP tin cup soon, but in the meantime I get to see this one on my hand. Thank you for looking, and I hope you all have a nice and SAFE weekend.
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That's really pretty multichrome! Love that nice big oval pearl ... well done :)
How gorgeous. I must try that sometime. I might need bigger wire for the ring part first. I think that all my wires are to thin. What gauge did you use.