9k rose gold findings?


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Dec 11, 2004
I am getting ready to knot up the incredible white metallic necklace from Jeremy. The coppery overtones made me think "pink gold" clasp......

I googled pink gold, rose gold and googled some more. Not very much out there. Almost nothing for this necklace. I found a 14k pink gold "barrel" clasp at Rio Grande for $110 or so and a lobster rose gold clasp for less than $20.00.

As I googled, I began to notice the phrase, "9 carat gold" This gold is 3/4s copper, 1/4 gold. It is the "red gold" so popular in the 19th century. It is the best match for the white metallic pearls' coppery overtones.

Most of the clasps I have located, including one from Dawn, are vintage 9ct red gold. Thus hard to find. I am beginning to see the 9kt gold rise in popularity again especially the Bali red gold. They seem to only make hook clasps, though they have other findings.

I think a 9k rose gold ball clasp 7mm or so, will be the best for my lovely necklace.

Now where can I get that?
Hi Caitlin,

9 carat gold is widely available in Australia - probably the gold 'of choice'. Would you like me to check suppliers here for you?

The metallics sound gorgeous, can't wait to see them made up!
You are welcome anytime, ladies!! Just give me some notice and let's make an Aussie ruckus!
I'll bet that Jeremy has a few left over from the rose gold special...
Hi you guys, Happy New Year! I've been thinking lately about how to adapt screw-on earrings (non-pierced, for lack of better word, which I can't remember) for use as clasps for bracelets or necklaces. Would anything like that appeal, Caitlin? I mean if you can't find anything else you like. I think you can sometimes pick up nice ones for excellent prices.

Can't wait to see the results!
Oooh, an Aussie Ruckus. That would be fun.
Thanks guys!
GG. Thanks! I think I'll try Jeremy first. I looked on his site before and didn't find anything.
Nerida, Great to know about Australia's taste in gold. I would very much like to see some suppliers. Thanks. Pattye and I will be down there, presently- if only in our imaginations.
Pattye thanks for that link. I like the red gold spring ring clasps. I can use them on tiny pearls. But since I discovered 9kt gold.....I'm a goner. the 9ct gold is much rosier than the 14kt, though that is fine, if I can get a ball clasp.
Hi Caitlin,

It should not be hard to find a gold spring ring clasp in 9ct Rose Gold in Australia or in Britain. Both countries use and still do use 9ct (9kt) as far as I know. It is not so much a preference but more what the market sold at a half reasonable price versus going straight up to 18ct (kt) gold which was priced so much higher. Also the pink or rose gold colour is easier to achieve the higher the copper content. I wouldn't say that Rose Gold is more popular than yellow gold here in Australia though. But it did take off again for reproduction antique pieces.

Will be posting out your antique rose gold clasp on Monday but in the meantime will look through my clasps for a rose gold spring ring clasp. I prefer the barrel clasps myself as well but the spring ring clasps are normally cheaper. They were used a lot many years back and were rose gold due to the copper content as you mentioned. But it is possibly to buy yellow gold in 9ct too but I am not sure how the colour is achieved in this case. Maybe more silver. Not sure on that.

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How are you guys faring with the flooding? I know it's in Eastern Australia, but since I don't know where-all you live I've been watching the news with concern.
Hi lisa c,

The eastern states, especially Queensland, have been badly hit by the flooding with many deaths. I am not sure about the other ladies but here in SA the floods are just starting to come down the River Murray and expected over mainly hit over the next few days. We did have storms but they were the edge of the storms and nothing to worry about. The flooding along the River Murray in South Australia is likely to flood some homes that are close to the river but I doubt there will be any loss of life.

Saying that people did go swimming in the river about 3 weeks back close to where I am and at least 2 lost there lives due to the much faster current and logs and trees that may have been under the water. So it could be worse over the next week and it is really up to the people that ski and swim in the river to make sure it is safe, which it probably won't be for for some time. I am 10 klms from the river as the crow flys so am in no danger of flooding but people of the river banks may have problems.

Most of the insurance companies are not paying up as they have covered themselves with extremely fine print but there are likely to be class actions over it. All over Australia people have donated millions to help those affected badly and there have been so many.

Houses were either stripped of all furniture and walls and others totally washed away in the flood so it has been very bad. Anyone in the way was just swept away. Some have still not been found and maybe never will be.

Thanks for caring lisa c

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Yeah, I see the news coverage, and I just feel overwhelmed and heartsick for folks. Of all things I think vocanic ash and mud must be the hardest, most discouraging cleanups, and of course that's not even approaching the huge impact of death.

Well, we can pray. Oh, I wish I hadn't hijacked this fun thread. I should've posted in other stuff.