Mar 18, 2022
Macy’s Akoya 16" 6mm strand necklace from eBay. Real akoya? I submitted a best offer on eBay for $78 and the bed was excepted. With tax the pearls were a little under $90.. This is the way they were ..

White Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace with14K Gold Clasp, 6mm pearl size, 16" from Macys.
Rarely used, in great condition.

Upon receipt of receiving these pearls the first thing I noticed was the GP on the class meaning they were gold plated, not as 14 karat gold is the seller listed them. Being new with pearls in general, I decided to go on Macy’s website to see if their pearls were gold plated. This did come in a black and gold Macy’s box. I could not find a Macy’s brand Akoya 16 inch pearl. Belle de meet Did carry one with a different class it was solid gold and that necklace retailed for over $1000. I could not find one on Google that perhaps was from Macy’s and sold at a different platform. So I began to question the authenticity of the entire necklace. I did a little research and I learned that it is in fact a little gritty on my teeth. However I want to say that I do not have a solid real pearl to compare that to you so this would be my first time at this test and I do wear dentures. The way I read this pearl should produce a bright luster it does appear bright in these photos but with the naked eye its not as bright. So I’m not sure if I received freshwater pearls instead of the AKoya. When you hold them under light on certain pearls you can see distinct lines I tried to include those photos. There are also dark spots that are almost like globs they are noticeable underneath of the surface of the pearl. I contacted the seller about the gold clasp. She offered to do a return although these had a no return policy. So I have until March 30 to submit my return to her. And I will receive my money back. I just am curious if I Receive the item as it was advertised? And if They are akoya, ]Because $80 in my tight budget is a lot for me. I am considering returning them I just was hoping to get some solid opinions first. The pearls did measure at 6 mm. And I would describe them as white. They weigh approximately 21 g. This necklace includes 58 pearls. They are cold and they remain cold in my hand. If anybody could offer me a little knowledge hopefully based on these pictures I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Yes, this does look like a real strand of akoya pearls. It's impossible to know whether or not they were originally sold at Macy's because they aren't a pearl brand. They resell other brands or white labeled brands from other companies.

The distinct lines you're seeing are mostly like striations in the nucleus and the globs are organic deposits on the nucleus that are still visible through the nacre.

So while the pearls are akoya, they are short-cultured akoya with thin nacre. They won't last under regular wear and tear, and the luster will get progressively worse - you can see it's already become quite dull.

For the price you paid, you were not taken advantage of. But like any other gemstone, the quality determines the value and the strand doesn't have a whole lot of value.
Mr Sheppard , I greatly appreciate the knowledge that you have shared with me today. I am pleased to hear that the pearls are Akoya. Because I have at least learned, that you can find freshwater pearls I have a higher quality than the ones that I purchased. The reason I felt they could’ve been freshwater was because of the lack of luster. And through that experience, I am going to keep these pearls although I do understand that they would not be a high-grade quality pearl.. It only makes sense that every beginner, we have a set of beginner pearls. I know I have so much to learn and it’s so exciting gaming this information. For some reason suddenly pearls feel personal to me and my soul. It’s a true love. Without much effort and networking with experts and sellers I am grateful to have came across the site. I also came across this seller recently who acquired pearls from Longbay Vietnam self see and they are being shipped to me right now. I will certainly send a photo and see how I did with my second set of pearls. Thank you guys I appreciate all you do.​