2020 and 2021 harvests at Perlas del Mar de Cortez

this is wonderful news, sea of cortez! Really beautiful pearls, incredible. I know the round are most valuable traditionally, but my heart belongs to that big oval one with the hammered finish ... Oooh, that's just glorious! Congratulations :)

it would be very hard for ne to decide, each one is special.
I left this question unanswered:
CortezPearls commented
08-30-2021, 11:09 AM
Weren't some of the oysters the ones that were hatchery produced?

No, the hatchery group will be harvested in 2022. It will be very interesting to see those pearls.
It sure will! I always had Faith in Lab grown spat. I am sure it will be a boon!
Wow, that hammered looking pearl is astonishing!
We think alike, Lisa C ... that hammered aqua pearl is the very essence of a tropical sea, with the sun glinting off a gentle wave rippling breeze ....
Yesterday my husband excitedly told me he saw a very pretty and unique pearl online that he wanted to buy me but the price was tooooo high, over $3k. I immediately thought of that one biggest pearl in the second row... And then he showed me on the website, it was exactly that one! :lmao:Nice taste, hubby!
StarryPearl, you trained him well! :D Great news SOC! Beautiful colors and I'm another fan of the hammered pearl!