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  • Well, it's my pleasure to welcome you! It's a really nice group of folks, you can tell from their posts, can't you.

    I haven't posted any of my pearls yet either, or my furniture refinishing/repair projects, on my profile page. I feel kind of like a ghost member in that regard. I'll put pics up someday.

    My pearls are small potatoes(no puns, chuckle) compared with some of the glorious things posted on the site, but hey, I love 'em.
    Bye, I know I'll see you around,
    Lisa C
    Hello, and welcome! I absolutely LOVE your avatar. I hope you have fun here - be prepared for some of the nicest folks around, ever. Have you checked out the Show Us Your Pearls section yet? I was wowed by the designs members have created.
    Again, welcome,
    Lisa C
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