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  • Ordering findings is a hassle to me too. I wind up using several companies and trying to compare, and I'm not sure if the time it takes means I save any money. If you are not buying carat gold findings, Fire Mountain Gems seems to work well since they have a large variety of everything, and they discount according to total number of items in you order. I use Rio Grande a lot as well. I have accounts at a couple of places that require tax licenses, and I still have one more to se up, but with the price of gold today - I'm chilling out in that arena for a while! Again, let me know if you have questions about anything - I'm always happy to help!
    Ah - I am not a woodworker but I design with it all the time. My favorites...probably anything old at this point but one of the very prettiest woods I have ever seen is Pear Wood. Buttery gorgeous color! Of course I also like a lot of the darker woods and exotics and where I live I get to see a lot of old Fir which is lovely.
    Woodworking and stripping furniture? NOW you have really got my attention. :) Will these things appear in an album too?
    Lisa, the "sky and clouds" necklace, the blue stones probably only look as turquoise.......;)
    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for your comments in my album. Those are my first strands and the problem is that the possibilities are endless..... as you already know......
    I'll wait patiently for your album. :)
    Hi Lisa, The Hui never really happened. We could never figure out how to make it happen, especially with everyone so spread out. I've shared pearls once or twice, but that's really hard because one person has their hands on them in the splitting. I'm a fair and honest person, but I did not like trying to figure out who should get which pearl, since in most strands or lots there is a lot of inequality in, well, quality. But I'd be glad to help if I can. :)
    Yes, it seems to be a great bunch.
    I need to reset my profile. I didn't get a little ping from your email. I just checked here on impulse.
    Speaking of impulse - I need to exercise more impulse control. I'm spending hours reading PG, old posts, etc...I should probly be spending the time learning computers, but learning pearls is more fun.
    I tried to rationalize it by thinking "Maybe I can learn to string, and support myself that way. After all, I've been making regularly spaced knots in my dental floss for years". Then I thought what if I stiffen up w arthritis? I need to find something I can support myself w for years to come.
    What the heck! All of life is a gamble in one way or another.(grin)
    You seem like a really nice bunch of folks, and that's a real draw too, aside from the pearls.
    Thanks for writing! Do you have b'day plans set up yet?
    What a nice treat to get your message. Pearl-Guide is a wonderful place to hang out, isn't it? ;)
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