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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Happy Valentines dear PGers! I chose pink & green today with my monster ripple/jade strand with pink & green gemstone rings.
    I just dawned on me that I took pics of my poor Emily Thorne & Sheri's Screamer on black background and made everything look awful.

    Put a white background on my office desk and it made a huge difference! I'll have to re-photograph and re-post Emily Thorne & Sheri Screamer at some point.

    Click image for larger version

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    • love that jade/ripple pearl combo purranah, so colorful and unique!
      today i twisted two stands into a torsade and put my pearl paradise "baby" pearls in my second piercing. i don't post/am able to wear my pearls as much lately but still LOVE looking at everyone’s pictures!


      • I have some serious catching up to do on this thread!

        MSC - you always have lovely pearls, but in the last few days the Dancing Keshi have been my fav!

        hanadama - beautiful pendant!! I have yet to get my first Tahitians, but I would definitely want purple/aubergine in mine.

        Pearly Whites - lovely strands! PW, I esepecially love the mixed sized one.

        Purranha - love your necklace and rings. You have such beautiful rings!

        kalmen - those two way earrings look awesome! I wasn't sure how they would sit on my ear, whether the bigger pearl would hang like that...yours look great! Love the SS strand too...drool!

        moneymeister - I ordered a necklace from Pearlescence and saw this necklace, but it was gone when I went back! It looks so pretty, enjoy it! Maybe I can ask Wendy to make something similar again for me?

        funky pearl - beautiful set! Those pearl studs look super lustrous!


        • I just realised that I missed a few pages !

          MM ..love the sweet little GSS pearls ! Great placement of the pearls !

          Purr - that your necklaces are marevels goes without saying ...but those rings ..all of them ..I love the rings !


          • Kalmen I love those drops! Are they designed specially to wear that way? I don't know the name for that style but it's very popular where I live!

            Beautiful rope PW! My favourite way to wear pearls!

            Money, your tin cup is exquisite! Love the GSSP! They really suit your colouring.

            MSC, Beautiful vintage akoya! I love how you layer necklaces to create a unique look.

            Kalmen, your GSSP are gorgeous!! I would love to own some but have no idea as to what shade and overtone would suit my skin!

            Purr, your pieces are so original and I love how you style them. This is no exception!

            Funky, I love your torsade! And the double earrings!! I need to get some tiny pearl studs for my second piercings. You look beautiful!


            • thanks hanadama!
              they are 3.5mm, tiny akoyas from pp that are probably for babies but i love them in my second or third ear piercings!


              • MSC--I love the look and luster of the vintage Akoyas! Did they come from your family? They are really such an iconic part of pearl history.

                I saw Elisabeth Strack speak in Tucson and so many GI's brought these back for their sweeties back home.

                I actually got a decent picture of the pearl head shot today. These are Tahitian circles. I love circles. There is a good story behind these. As most here have taken the CPAA course, Pearls as One we have become such better and more discerning critics and shoppes of pearls and pearl jewelry. I was perusing EBay looking for gray baroque pearls for a project and stumbled on these for sale by a jewelry store in NYC. They had great pictures and were listed as FW baroque pearls and it was pretty apparent that they were nice Tahitians with a 14k gold clasp. They were listed on consignment at 1/10 the price of these retail. I couldn't buy these fast enough.

                Online shopping for pearls can be a disappointing experience especially with enhanced photography and light boxes. It is fun when the opposite happens and you find a great deal!

                Click image for larger version

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                • What a great find Pearly-whites!


                  • Sorry ladies, I posted and ran away yesterday…I have so many comments!

                    Kalmen22, last page – The earrings look great. That was a smart adaptation. Love your GSS from Pearlescense. The tone is great on you 
                    Pearly-whites, a page back- that rope is so pretty. Suspicious from the photos the freshwater necklace has camouflage adaptation  Very lovely colors and luster and looks nice on you.
                    From this morning – WOWZA! So happy for you. That is a beautiful necklace and the luster and skin look very nice. Congrats!
                    MSC, lovely akoya strand. Also interested in the details on the gold necklace. Is that a vintage piece?
                    Purranha, you have the loveliest pieces. That emerald ring is gorgeous. Everything together is perfect. The (assuming) jade beads and ripples are not a combo I would have thought of, but they pair beautifully and are interesting in combination.
                    Funky-pearl, nice combination of torsade and earrings. Those beautiful baby earrings add interest to the set.
                    Karman: Hurry, she put one back up! I went back last night to ponder the GSS mixed strand (someone snapped up…hope from this thread so I can see it!) and saw she must have had another. Wendy is heading for Hong Kong soon, so if you want something she doesn’t have, she will try to get it for you.
                    Katbran – thanks! I think Wendy did a great job with this tin-cup too.
                    Hanadama – Thanks, I wasn’t sure if the color and I would like each other, but I do like it!


                    • Thank you, karman, MM, PW, hanadama!

                      The vintage akoya is the very same one that I picked up a year ago specifically for the clasp (Thread here). I shortened it a little and restrung on bead wire with bumpers and replaced the clasp with another vintage gold and onyx clasp (from off a strand of imitation pearls, what?!).

                      MM - the gold necklace was my mom's and it's 14kt from Italy (a now deceased cousin owned a jewelry store and that's where they family would shop, naturally. He'd import 85% of his inventory from Italy). She's been dispersing her jewelry to me and my sister over the last few years and I received this one last year. She gave me the heart pendant a little over a decade ago, it's one of my favorites.

                      I am adoring everyone's necklaces: kalmen, Purr, funky and PW! Each one is so unique!

                      I made a set of Tahitian keshi tin cup bracelets last night. They make a nice neck chain too
                      Click image for larger version

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                      Last edited by MSC; 02-15-2017, 04:40 PM.
                      Check out my jewelry here


                      • Thanks for letting me know moneymeister! I would definitely snap it up if I hadn't made so many other pearl purchases lately... I'll just have to live vicariously through you and enjoy the photo of yours for now


                        • Originally posted by moneymeister View Post
                          The (assuming) jade beads and ripples are not a combo I would have thought of, but they pair beautifully and are interesting in combination.
                          MoneyMeister! I was inspired by one of Sarah of Kojima's creation which showed metallic ripples and jade to be soulmates for each other! I did a few combos and posted them on the Jade thread in the past. I enjoy both pieces immensely!
                          Click image for larger version

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                          • Here is Sarah's original creation:
                            I fell off my chair when I saw it and dug up old jade pieces and combined them with my ripples!


                            • purranha - wow! I love the pink with greenish overtones with the jade! Very unusual but gorgeous!
                              MSC - that little keshi tin cup is so dainty and pretty!

                              I'm wearing an opera length white freshwater strand with a little pearl tassel enhancer. I love pearl tassel necklaces (fashion-wise, the 20's were my favourite) and refuse to pay a ridiculous amount for the overpriced Tiffany version (I tend to laugh at the price of all Tiffany jewelry), so this is the next best thing! Once I go to my pearl knotting class tomorrow, I might put together a smaller sized strand that I think will make this look more balanced.

                              Hopefully I won't be a disaster at knotting pearls.

                              Click image for larger version

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                              • I love the tassel! Did you make that as well?