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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • I love dragons Bweaves


    • Beautiful, yummy pearl goodness, Lisa c. Love the new earrings.


      • Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9791.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	281.6 KB ID:	452416 Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9792.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	217.8 KB ID:	452417

        Yup, 12 strands. I think it originally came with 8 strands, and Mom asked the pearl lady to make it 12. Mom originally wore it twisted, and then later untwisted it. I like it untwisted.

        Today, all Kojima. Monster freshwater necklace. Amazing luster on these gigantic pearls. Summer Rainbow and Winter Snowman drops on diamond hoops. I originally intended these drops for necklace pendants but I really love them as mismatched earrings. They are at the limit my earlobes can handle.


        • I really do like those pendants as earrings as well. And that strand is amazing Bweaves.


          • Beautiful blues, Lisa c.

            Welcome TriciaS. You look wonderful in purple!

            Be, I love your dragon tosade!! I think I like it best untwisted, too. Your Kojima's look fabulous, especially with Summer & Snowman.


            • One nice thing about shopping from your own jewelry is finding something you thought was lost forever. I found this ring (gift from 1st husband) way back in the safe in a box. Haven't seen it for over 25 years....garnet with 2 tiny seed pearls. It no longer fits so I will need to get it sized.Click image for larger version

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              • Click image for larger version

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                Here are two of my favourite Akoya strands. Im starting to wear the clasps as a sort of pendant or centre piece in preparation for my WSS strand that’s currently being fitted for a custom white gold with natural Burmese rubies clasp. Pics to come of that beauty this weekend, but I’ll attach some of the 3D model photos that I used to decide on some details.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	BD69E010-DE2D-4429-83CD-488B828CDF72.jpeg
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                • Originally posted by 86Corvettegirl View Post
                  Love all your choices, especially the new reconstruction of your choker, BW. Looks wonderful on you.
                  Today, I had so much to do to get hubby ready for his business trip. I wore my WSS & Tahitian Ombré strands with Tahitian drop pendant from Sakura & WSS diamond earrings. Feels so good to be in these pearls!
                  Click image for larger version Name:	20210419_235736 (2).jpg Views:	0 Size:	230.8 KB ID:	452281 Click image for larger version Name:	20210419_235839 (2).jpg Views:	0 Size:	310.0 KB ID:	452282
                  That ombré strand is my favorite of all your pearlie treasures!


                  • Bweaves, that FW necklace is stunning, like cool cool water!
                    86C, what a lovely ring, beautiful and romantic.
                    rokor, I know it’s antithetical, but ever since your first post I’ve wanted to see the clasps sitting at your collar-button. Anti-thematic might be a better term, since we’re pearl crazy here, but still...love your taste.
                    hi, txpearllv! TexasPearlLover?


                    • Beautiful rings 86Corvettegirl.
                      Rokor, beautiful akoya strands. I like when the clasp can be used any way I want to. My vintage clasps turn around should I wear them in other ways then on the back of my neck. Your custom clasp is gorgeous. I hope it arrives soon


                      • I really enjoyed catching up on all the pearly posts!

                        Welcome TriciaS! I look forward to seeing your new pendant from Pacific Pearls!!

                        Two Kamoka strands and a Kamoka Harvest bracelet, with a Tahitian and labradorite necklace.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

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                        • Great look, Jeg. Your T's are divine.

                          Doubled up on pearl drop necklaces...one white & one pink with pink drop earrings.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	20210426_175932 (2).jpg
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                          • Lovely kamokas jeg.
                            86Corvettegirl, those drop necklaces are really pretty.


                            • Thanks, 86C and Charlotta!

                              I like the way those drops hang together 86C!


                              • Sorry to be missing in action for the past few months, however real life has been surprisingly busy. I'm spending quite a bit of time with my 8 month old grandson so that his parents can work from home during this pandemic. So far, our family has remained healthy. I do try to wear pearls every day, mostly pearl studs from PP and Kamoka.

                                I was able to visit my local jeweler, T Lee, a few months ago when she brought in pearls from Betty Sue King's collection for her clients to look at. I grabbed this pair of lavender wing pearls that I knew would be a perfect match to the pendant pearl that I purchased from Kojima during the Pearls by the Bay event. They are the perfect smaller size for me, as I cannot wear heavy earrings. I just picked the pearls up from being set.

                                I hope you all see the April 2021 issue of the CPAA magazine on cpaa.org. I am delighted to be located on page 33 next to Sarah of OceansCove. That worked out surprisingly well.

                                Click image for larger version

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