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    I'll have to see if I can dig out my photos from my phone lol I didn't take a camera as I felt that would be a bit tacky ... ha! I think I was the only one there without one...had to drag out my phone.
    I wore a long grey floaty Eileen Fisher linen jacket over dark grey linen pants and lighter grey linen tank ... it was a bit warm but everything was pretty light weight . And for jewelry I wore Silver Tahitan tin cup on WG chain + a freshwater flameball tin cup (tiny ones 10mm but super rainbow white) on a sterling chain that I'd oxidized.. so like dark grey and white pearls) and Stuart Weitzman silver flats (standing on grass in heels...no ...... well really ... for me standing in heels at anytime is a no ha ) No hat ... thought about it...but not with that outfit!


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      Incredibly elegant study in monochromatic tones of grey ... sounds wonderful Katbran, especially the description of that tiny flameball on oxidized silver necklace!



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        Here are four tiara-wearing ambassadors riding on a float during a parade this past summer at the town where I have my lake home. I don't see any pearls, but I agree that the addition of pearls would look lovely. I can't tell if any of them have mascara in their eyebrows, but I would wager that none of them are married ladies.

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          My bad in that I did not recognise the tiara DoC was wearing is her family's tiara, as in the Cubitt-Shand tiara, and she wore it for her first wedding.

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