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Looking for Freshwater Round White 8mm Pearls

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  • Looking for Freshwater Round White 8mm Pearls

    Does anyone know the best place to buy 8mm Freshwater Pearls? I want ones that are white and as round as possible because I would like to create a very long necklace but I don't want to spend over a thousand on something like this


    Cause i know they are priced up just for the name brand.

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    The Ziegfeld Collection? It's seems like the Gatsby Collection rope.
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      Melissa here is where I would go. It is just a little over what you want to spend but so worth it



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        Too much $$$ for my budget but what a necklace! Melissa did you find what you were looking for? I am looking for one around 60 inches. I like the bigger pearls but I can't spend more than $300. I'm still searching and learning as I go. This is fun but stressful cause I don't want to make a mistake.


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          Looks like ropes are the in- thing these days. They look quite elegant in my opinion.


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            I wonder if PP makes them in 6mm? Must check, and Pearls of Joy, and i think Pearl Outlet had a rope, also check Ashley at Pure Pearls...
            I have a couple of inexpensive 100" ropes, 6mm, but not round. I find that's about all the weight I'm comfortable with.

            WOW! I never read the description of the 100" rope at PP before - AAA pearls!
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              Welcome, Melissa and Joanie! Perhaps I should ask, where are you located, and are there time pressures, or do you want to string the pearls yourself?

              If there are no time constraints, look for your nearest gem and pearl trade show. You'll get a look at what's around. I've heard from those who know, that it's educational. I'm looking forward to attending one!

              There's no magic source for excellence at dirt cheap prices, though. It's a Myth. We've all learned that the hard way, or most of us have...but aside from wasting money, you do get the rush of the gamble, and the key to the Chagrin Club
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