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Going to Zhuji May 2016 and have many questions...

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    Wow, thanks...I will look!
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      JP, there's a thread "Buying Pearls in Beijing" posted July 2013 that had loads of info. I'm on my mobile how so can't post link directly for you. There are also a few thread by Tucs if you do a search! Let me know if you have a hard time finding them and I can post for you when I'm on a computer!


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        Hi all!
        Just want to tell you that Im allmost alive after the trip to Zhuji and Shan Xia Hu Town and the Pearl market. Took the bus from Yiwu 07.00 am and was back around 21.00 (9.00 pm) at the hotel after a amazing and VERY tiering trip and experience.
        I have seen pearls in quality and sizes that I only heard exist on the Earth but never seen. My budget is blown totaly. Bought more than 20 kg (40 Pound) of pearls and especially a amazing necklace of 12-15 mm Edison pearls of AA1 quality.
        Have so much to tell about the trip and will, later. This is just a teezer and message that Im still alive.
        God what I love pearls! Even more after this trip.
        Have a nice day and thank you again for all the answers!

        This is acually the third time I try to post this, and if there is double or triple of it, I kindly ask a moderator to remove the others, China internet is not good. Sorry...


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          Looks like post went through successfully! Please post LOADS of picture when you are back and settled!!!


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            Glad you had a successful trip. I can't wait to hear (and see) more.


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              Remulus, welcome to Pearl-Guide, and I look forward to your photos and trip report with great anticipation!



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                Glad you made it safe and sound !!! We can't wait to see your photos !


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                  Hi Remulus. I just found this thread today.
                  I hope you took lots of pix. Your story about Zhuji will live on forever in the internet, so I hope you tell all!
                  I love your enthusiasm for pearls. This is the right place to share that!

                  You probably already know people from pearl-guide.com go to Hong Kong at the big shows. They usually meet up together for food. I hope you go to Hong Kong next year and compare experiences. You may be able to do almost as well, but get to meet Jeremy, Hisano and perhaps others from P-G, too!

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                    Congratulations! Rest well and we will see you here soon.


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                      Hi again.

                      Have been working day and night with the custom declarations since last message.

                      Its just not to go to China, Zhuji and Shan Xia Hu town. Fill some suitcases with the beloved pearls and go home and pass the green line. That could be very costly.

                      Have been working since last post with the filing of documents, scanning and e-mailing.

                      Im landing at Copenhagen airport Denmark and need a transit for the goods to Sweden and need to prepare the custom declaration for Sweden custom too . Its not allowed to make a transit for your own goods and you have to apply for it to a another part. You simply need someone else to accept your declaration, give the transit to you and register it in the system. In spite of that my company is in the EU custom regulation system, with a load of registrations as a import and export shiping company. We are allowed to our self (only me unfortunately) do all the other declarations.

                      My transit have just been approved without any corrections (first time), so Im celebrating it with Chinese Brandy. (can not recommend it by the way, taste horrible)

                      The declaration is not just for the pearls either. I bought many clasps too, in silver and gold in Zhuj I+ many other things in Yiwu (pearl clasps too) that Im bringing home I my suitcases.

                      For the more heavy stuff I send it in a split container with the help of a agent here in Yiwu and do not care a bit about the declarations. Door to door simply, but costly.

                      It would perhaps be much easier to ask a agent or shipping company to do it all and let them ship al of the merchandise, but my goal is to lower the costs to a minimum and compete with the lowest price on the Internet. To have almost the same prices in my shop. But Its very hard and much work. A shop have much higher costs.

                      Perhaps a little tiring and boring update, but thats the life of a Swede in China right now.

                      But I give future promise to you all: Have loads of photos from the pearl market that I will upload when Im back, and much to tell...

                      Thank you for the encouraging answers and have a nice day!


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                        Look forward to your further reports and photos. Having just returned from a trip to the Mediterranean, my cumbersome, complicated and confusing VAT Tax refund paperwork for 4 items pales in comparison to what you're doing!



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                          Originally posted by CathyKeshi View Post
                          Look forward to your further reports and photos. Having just returned from a trip to the Mediterranean, my cumbersome, complicated and confusing VAT Tax refund paperwork for 4 items pales in comparison to what you're doing!
                          The strange thing is, that when you import and export as a professional company, you both get and can demand more help from the custom. You are paying quite a lot to the system simply.

                          A Tourist asking for VAT return (as I have done some times too) is sometimes regarded as an annoyance by the custom authority and do not give you much help.

                          I have a helpline number I can call, almost 24/7.

                          The import/export system is so complicated, that the help desk sometimes can not answer the questions them self directly.
                          My Company, and all the others, actually pay some heavy duty, tax and there wages and much more and can and do demand help. If you or anyone else is asking for VAT refund I man many others are paying there wages.

                          But, sorrily a tourist asking for VAT-return sometimes (often?) is perceived as something like a burden and unnecessary or annoying workload. But you can and shall demand help with if you have problems. Its there work

                          A correction for my last post:

                          Everyone, even private persons can import and export goods too, but it must be below a certain value (around $10 000 or €10 000 ) else it is needed a Little more. At least wou mus fill in a ED-Document (demand help for this) if you ar on the red line do do give up Before its sorted out. You haveto pay duty and tax in cash or by credicard on the spot, all the time thought.

                          To be allowed to access the international Internet system of custom declarations filing and processing, VAT and duty cost credit and the permission to professionally import and export both your own goods and for other clients as we are, its need some (actually quite many) registrations and certificates to appy and be granted.

                          It was what I meant and just want to clearify it.

                          (the Chinese Brany is going up in my head a Little now, so forgive me if the is som gramatic and spelling errors)

                          Sleep Well all Pearls lowers, for that what Im gonna do in at most five minutes. Its almost 2 AM here now.
                          Sweet Dreams Zzzzzzz


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                            Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to future photos!


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                              Hi all!

                              Have not yet really “landed” from my trip to China and are still sorting all the more than 2000 photos taken of the trip. Not only from the pearl market but also from Yiwu.

                              Think I have to leave the report in at least four parts due to the time for writing and explaining the adventure fully:

                              1: Give information about how I got to the place. Can tell you that the trip solely to the pearl market was not at all easy and an adventure on its own.

                              2: Later I will post more pictures of a LOT! of pearls. Not at least the one I’ve bought, but also many of the pearls on the market.

                              3 Tell about the purchase process and haggling. Preparations to get the correct price from the vendors at the market.

                              4: The exportation of the pearls and many other tips for others considering to go there.

                              My camera, a Cannon OES 400D 28-50 mm, crashed in a slowly and unavoidable manner under the trip and totally during the flight home, but will naturally buy a new one in a few days to be able to photograph my purchases. Luckily I succeeded to restore almost all the photos taken.

                              Some of the photos taken in the beginning in the pearl market were set on a pre-programmed mode and the colours are not correct. Do not like image processing but perhaps need to do so in some cases, and will tell you if that’s done.

                              In a few hours I will post the first part with text and photo about how to get there.


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                                Yah! Can't wait!!!