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Tissue Cultured Pearls produced Experimentally in India

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After decades of attempts at tissue culturing pearls, a researcher from India has met with success. Dr Ajai Kumar Sonkar, an independent research scientist from Sangam city in Prayagraj, has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award in India this year for his outstanding achievements in the field of pearl culture. Dr Sonkar is the chairman of the Pearl Aquaculture Research Foundation and principal investigator of the research mission in this field. His work in developing pearl making...

Pearls by the bay 2022!

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An intimate day-long event focused on Pearls & Joy

About this event


We will meet in the open air Junto Room at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito.
We will start with a plated lunch at 1pm. The event will be catered by Poggio's Restaurant and will include several choices.
(if you have food allergies, PLEASE email us directly).
Next we will enjoy engaging presentations by the worlds top pearl minds...

Eco-Friendly & Ultra-Luxury Pearls for Bahrain

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An interesting article was recently published in CNN, with the title of Eco-friendly and ultra-luxury: How Bahrain hopes to revive its natural pearl industry.

The article explains that the island nation of Bahrain (part of the Saudi Emirates) intends on reviving their traditional natural pearl fisheries and focus on the Eco-Friendly (sustainable) and Ultra-High Luxury market segment.

What do you think of this dear Members? Do you think a Pearl Fishery can be Sustainable?

CPAA Member SCAM Alert!

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Just today, Jennifer Heebner informed all of us at the Cultured Pearl association of America that someone is playing a SCAM by sending out an email from (this is not a CPAA email, since this organization uses The email states it has a FUNDRAISER for a Brandon individual. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

This comes directly from the CPAA:
Don't Click! Delete!

Some members have reached out to Jen with regard to receiving a spam email. CPAA IS NOT DOING A FUNDRAISER FOR ANYONE...

The Sustainability Corner - Issue 3

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Pearls in the Web of Life – Part 1

Pearls are not only a product of a living being -a mollusk- but their “mother mollusk” is also a host for dozens of other life-forms! When we think about other animals that we use in our lives (as a food source or as a luxury good, such as furs) we can rarely imagine these creatures being a part of something larger or co-existing with other animals from varied species. We may picture a henhouse bursting with chickens, or a pen full of cows, but we find it...

Christina Assael has passed away

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Our friend Jennifer Heebner has just informed us that Christina Assael, wife of the late Salvador Assael, has just passed away peacefully and surrounded by her children at her home.

Her family issued the following statement:

Assael will remain a family owned business, wit Peggy Grosz at the helm, with the support of the family.
No services are planned, but a formal announcement will be issued by next week.

May she rest in peace, now alongside her husband.

An interesting article about...

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