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Shaded Pearl Bracelet - Utopia Jewels

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Shaded Pearl Bracelet - Utopia Jewels

One look at their first display case at the Couture Show in Las Vegas, and I fell in love. This bracelet was my introduction to a brand that knows how to combine gemstones with pearls in a very big way. I invite you to visit their website and I am putting the link here, upfront, because they have a very entertaining introductory video that is not to be missed: http://www.utopia-jewels.com

Photo: Blaire Beavers

More jeweled beauties will appear...

Keshi Flower Brooch - Kojima Pearl

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Sarah Canizzaro, of Kojima Pearl, has been offering these breathtaking brooches for the last few years and it's a lucky group of pearl-lovers that own them.

Sarah and her husband, Mounir, have been busy creating a wealth of artistic pearl jewelry, custom pieces and special requests. Sarah has been in the pearl world all of her adult life and you couldn't hope to meet a more interesting or knowledgeable person.

www.KojimaPearl.com is a destination website for rare and beautiful pearls...

A Baroque Pearl That Will Make You Smile - Cynthia Renee

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A jewelry collector client brought an unusual 26mm baroque pearl to designer Cynthia Renee. That pearl inspired a very cheerful creation - "The Smile".

Rose gold surrounds the pearl, flowing organically, and enhancing the lovely iridescence.

Cynthia Renee is one of my favorite designers and she has a way with pearls, as seen in this stalker-shot from the AGTA GemFair in Las Vegas. Cynthia is wearing her "Calligraphy" earrings with pink tourmaline, spessartine* garnet and removable...

Bigger than a Walnut - Paspaley Baroque South Sea Pearl!

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Back in 2007, members of the GIA Alumni Pearl Tour happily invaded the private grading rooms of Paspaley, in Darwin, Australia, where we were shown the special pearls.

This pearl was amazing, not only for it's size, but for the orient shimmering on the surface. I have long imagined how I would set it as a pendant with a very long chain so it could be touched and admired. In wilder fantasies, I imagined how magnificent it would look atop a scepter!

You can see their South Sea pearl...

South Sea Keshi Earrings - Golconda

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Reema Keswani, Golconda founder and designer, has a way with gems and color, but especially with pearls. A former prot?g? of the exquisite Harry Winston jewelry designer A.V. Shinde, Reema demonstrates the skills of an old-world master, while creating designs that refect the woman of today.

These graceful handmade earrings feature golden South Sea keshi pearls.

Visit www.golcondajewelry.com and sign up for Reema's insightful newsletter.

Objects Organique Orchids - K. Brunini Jewels

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Katey Brunini could very well be the world?s coolest person. An adventurer with a passion for nature, she can be counted on to create jewelry that encompasses the edgy to the lyrical. Here is an orchid, carved from bone, featured in the Couture Show awards display under the category ?Innovative?.

And more at the K. Brunini Jewels booth.

After subconsciously imprinting these pearl-adorned flowers, I was half-expecting to see the real thing sport little pearls. Imagine being disappointed...

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