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Elyria Jewels Loves Pearls

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Elyria Jewels has a thing for pearls. I could see it immediately at the AGTA show in Tucson early this year. Elyria is the definition of the phrase "Not your Grandmother's pearls", that is, unless Grandma is a hipster!

Moonstone was made to go with pearls.

Darkly organic and appealing Tahitian pearls.

And their Cat Street collection includes some pieces with abalone pearls.

Enjoy more at www.elyriajewels.com

Blaire Beavers

Kamoka is About Color - Responsibly Farmed Color, That is!

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Kamoka Pearl is a darling of the Pearl Guide Forum for many reasons:

1) Sustainably and responsibly farmed pearls.
2) Charming and intelligent owner-operators and staff.
3) World-class pearl farm and ocean surf photos, shared freely.
4) Some of the finest and brightest Tahitian pearls in the world.
Best of all...
5) You can feel their passion.

Here is a photo from their website of some darling pendants. There is no need for fancy settings when the pearls are colorful works of nature's...

Winter Antidote - Colors of Jewelmer

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Winter getting you down? These lustrous colors of South Sea pearls from Jewelmer should cheer you right up!


See their previous Pearls of the Week here.

Isabelle Langlois Sea Life Earrings

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This summer, I promised that I would post the fabulous Isabelle Langlois earrings that literally stopped me in my tracks at the Tucson JCK show. They were kind enough to allow me to photograph them at the Las Vegas show.

And here they are!


I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did in person. Our Pearl Guide News article can be seen here.


Blaire Beavers

Thanksgiving Birds I'd Like to Have - Emiko Pearls International

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Emiko Pearls International is well known for their charming pearl critters. In honor of Thanksgiving, we feature two Emiko bird brooches featuring South Sea and Tahitian cultured pearls. The first, and largest at approximately 4.5 inches, is a whole flock in a tree.

And these sweet birds are lucky to have a very sturdy branch to perch upon!

Emiko International will be exhibiting at the AGTA Gemfair Tucson in February.


Blaire Beavers

Big Gems and Big Pearls - Utopia Bracelet

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Nobody does big colored gems and big pearls like Utopia. Case in point - this wondrous South Sea pearl bracelet seen at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. Enjoy!

The opening video is worth the visit to the website!

Blaire Beavers

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