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Cibjo webinar/discussion on origins of gemstones

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Although it is not about PEARLS (but it may include them), some of you may find it interesting, so here is the information:

The origin of a gemstone, namely the geographic location at which it was extracted from the earth, has for years posed substantial scientific challenges to the gemmologists who are called on to make definitive judgements.

The current focus on supply chain integrity and traceability means that the concept of origin has expanded and is more relevant than ever before...

Pearl-Guide.com Presents: Walk and Talk with Josh Humbert!

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Pearl-Guide.com invited forum member & sustainable pearl farmer Josh Humbert of Kamoka Pearls fame to a "Walk and Talk" Zoom event this past Saturday 10th, 2021.

Josh -and wife Celeste Brash- took some time from his busy schedule with the pearl seeding season at his farm in Ahe, French Polynesia, to share information about their 2021 pearl harvest (48% rounds, wow!), his farming operation, pearl characteristics of this year's harvest and much more!

Feel free to watch the video:

New Bi-Monthly Column: The Sustainability Corner

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Hello dear Pearl-Guide.com Forum Members:

With spring comes renewed energies and pulses, the recent system upgrade also allows me to start adding up content that we believe is necessary to keep the forum growing and renewed, making it the #1 Source for Pearl information on the World-Wide-Web for years to come.

I had this idea of a column years ago, when I still published "The Sea of Cortez Peal Blog", which went "black" after a massive Russian hacker attack (the importance of updating your...

The Winners! The CPAA's 10th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC)

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New York, NY – Feb. 9, 2021. The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has announced the U.S. and international winners of its 11th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC).

On Saturday, Feb. 6, judges Jean Francois Bibet, workshop and production director at Cartier; and Patricia Faber, co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery in Manhattan (whose store will show and offer for sale the winning entries and the finalists of Faber’s choice); inspected 19 live U.S. division finalist...

Indonesian South Sea Keshi on a Lazy Sunday

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Carolyn Ehret operates Ehret Design Gallery on eBay, a favorite of our members, and myself! If you find yourself having to wait for a car repair or a delayed appointment, I can practically guarantee that the time will fly by while you look at the fun items on her site. Of course, looking can be dangerous to your pocketbook. This is also a great place to find a few gems to add to a necklace or earrings--or just to source beautiful and unusual pearls.

I had Carolyn add gold spacer beads and...

Pearls Make Me Feel Beautiful

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Looking through photos from this summer, I noticed that all the photos where I am wearing pearls are the ones where I am joyous and glowing. Could there be a transfer of radiance from the pearls to the wearer? Can pearls fill the soul with visible happiness? I'm not sure, but I love my self-purchase of pearls from little h beyond measure.

Happy Blaire, followed by closeups of the pearls...

Non-glam photos, but nothing shows color like a white paper towel!

If you have never tried...

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