What’s my Grandfathers Clam Pearl Worth


May 18, 2024
I have here my grandfathers 1.125 ct Clam Pearl he found eating a clam 40+ years ago. I am new to clam pearls What is the value of it and is it a flame? It’s a Perfect egg shape
Take a look a KariPearls website, and compare your pearl to the natural found clam pearls that she has for sale.

Your pearl has a great shape, but doesn't appear to have the flame pattern that is so desirable.
Reech, this has been well covered over on your "Egg Shaped" thread. I'm looking forward to seeing the ring you proposed for this pearl!
There’s just one more thing you forgot to mention, we’re on the east coast so this is most definitely a Quahog Pearl from a littleneck! Worth more I’m assuming? This is with natural Sunlight
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a Quahog Pearl
Quahog value is more related to color (pinks and purples from the outer lip of the shell are the most rare) than to flame. Your pearl is white, but it has attractive shape and lustre, and no visible signs of heat damage.

For an appraisal, you should approach the online dealers you have already found, such as Kari Pearls or Kojima Pearls. In any case the pearl would make a very nice ring to continue as a family heirloom.
I think that purple and lavender quahog pearls are worth more than white ones. I also recommend Kari Pearls (natural pearls) or Kojima Pearls.

I did find this website that specializes in quahog pearls. I know nothing about this company. You might want to try contacting them.

I’m not familiar with what a flame is I’m brand new to pearls due to this heirloom
"The Flame" is an optical effect seen on some non-nacreous pearls, usually in conch pearls...also a great song by "Cheap Trick", but this doesn't apply here.

Best to SEE the flame effect than to describe it:

So, just have good indirect light and gently and slowly roll the pearl between your fingers, changing the way you look at it so you can hopefully SEE the flame. Some pearls have a striking flame...and others just don't!
Reech's two threads regarding this pearl have featured an interest in the flame phenomenon. Flame is not an expected feature of Quahog pearls.

Cassis Cornuta (Horned Helmut) here provides a memorable example. This image of mine was once reposted right here at Pearl-Guide by some shady operator claiming the pearl as their own!


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I went to a few jewelers so far unfortunately the rings were too heavy and out of my price range but I found out I’m a perfect Size 10! This little case is where it will live for a while until I find something I can afford!
Nice little nest!
Great news! I’m getting the pearl set in a 14k yellow gold weddingband, plain 6mm, 6.3 grams is the weight on it and it’s a really nice price I couldn’t refuse it’s gonna look like this
Edit: The ring was too risky to make and suggested it not go on one
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Thanks BWeaves I just got the most perfect set in it it’s a 316l stainless memory locket from Amazon if anyones interested in putting their pearls in one! Also, I was just 13 when he gave me the pearl, he probably didn’t know the significance of it and that it’s called a quahog pearl. 23 now and just thought about it after buying a terp pearl for my dab rig and getting a free silicon case! My mom held onto it the whole time for me.
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