Gifted pearls from a friend, what brand?


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Aug 30, 2023
I was gifted these pearls (bracelet & necklace) from a friend that was gifted them from an ex-husband in a bad marriage, they have never been warn. I was told they were Mikimoto but they do not have the clasp with the "M" or the clam shell and pearl, so I am guessing that is not correct? She said she has them restrung every year and they were very well kept and cared for. I have done the Tooth Test and they are gritty so I at least think they are real, but I would like to know the brand and possible value. Amy feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

I wonder why she had them restrung every year if she never wore them. I only restring when the pearls start slipping between the knots and/or the knots look grimy. Maybe every 5 years. I would restring more often if I wore the same strand every single day.

The clasp looks like a "Sea Magic" clasp, which is one of Mikimoto's lower grade pearl brands. So, they are very, very nice, good quality akoya pearls, but they are not the top of the line Mikimoto quality. Sea Magic pearls were sold by Kay Jewelers. Sea Magic and Blue Lagoon are the brand names of Mikimoto's lesser quality, smaller sized pearls that were often sold in malls at the lower end jewelry stores. Mikimoto were sold at the high end jewelry stores.

Sea Magic and Blue Lagoon are very, very nice quality pearls. As far as value, you won't get much if you try to sell them. Pearls don't tend to hold their value like diamonds do. I've seen preowned Sea Magic pearls for sale online for $800 to $2000, but that doesn't mean they actually sold for that price because they are not yet sold. Wear them and enjoy them. Like I said, they are very nice quality pearls. You can even link the necklace and bracelet together to make one longer strand of pearls.
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