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What do you think - Large Pendant with Pearls


Pearl Designer & Collector
I am wondering what PGers think about this type of necklace. It is a large pendant called a Belle Epoque from around the 1880s or so I was informed with old cultured pearls. The pearls have an extremely thick nacre. I can see this from wear around 2 of the drill holes. When I say thick I mean app. 3 to 4mm overall. That is thick.

I do not believe for one minute that the pearls were originally with the pendant nor the clasp but what is the general opinion on if they go together and if it is safe for the pearls to have this huge pendant on it i.e. the risk of scratches, there are some already.

I can keep it or send it back and I need help to make up my mind. Normally I don't need help but the pendant has grown on me. But it is a necklace to wear at night and my nights are spent in front of my computer either beading, listing and/or watching or listening to the television in the background :) Not much night life in other words. Of course I rarely keep things and generally remake to my own taste and list on eBay. :( For me just to own for a while is enough or has to be enough.

Would love some feedback on this.

Dawn - Bodecia
eBay Seller ID dawncee333 Natural pearl collector & seller. And all round pearl lover.


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Both very beautiful. If I were getting it, I would separate them and use them independently. The pendant might look less formal on a chain, although it is big enough that it will probably never look casual. Faceted black beads maybe... :)


New member
I love it and would wear it as is....watching tv...doing laundry, what ever. If you keep it wear it where ever and when ever your heart desires.


Pearl Designer & Collector
Thank you. All good suggestions but although it would look great for a young person on a ribbon choker but it has to be attached from the side. I actually have a antique ribbon choker with pearls on it and do intend to add a suitable pendant on it. The pendant is articulated. Love that.

I will probably play with it for a while before making a final decision. Newberry I also like it with the pearls but my only worry with them was that it could scratch them. Still if put away carefully that shouldn't happen. The necklace makes me think of something I would have died for when a teenager or in my early 20s. :) Maybe that is why I love it.

Like I said not normally my type of thing but I have fallen for it. I might add tiny pearls between the large ones. Tiny naturals :)

Dawn - Bodecia
eBay Seller ID dawncee333 Natural pearl collector & seller. And all round pearl lover.


New member
It maybe needs something with sparkle in the necklace to support that fabulous sparkly pendant.

I once saw a Victorian opal bead necklace, where each opal bead was separated by a crystal spacer, just like this:

The crystal spacers are fairly easy to come by in old jet necklaces, maybe something like that would work between the pearls?


New member
Holy cow, that opal necklace is TO DIE for! Yes, I have an old iris glass (I think that's what they called it?) necklace with the same kind of spacers. Love the pearls, love the pendant Dawn.....


New member
I think the whole thing is completely fabulous! I get not having anywhere to wear it, though. I have a friend who refers to certain outfits and jewelry as "life I don't have" pieces. Fabulous, but you'd never have occasion to wear them.

That being said, I think you should keep it. It's gorgeous, and very unique! It's a cool piece for a pearl lover's collection.

Happy Huku

New member
The pendant is beautiful and I can understand why you want to own it for a while.
Something about where the pendant meets the peals seems slightly 'unharmonious' to me - perhaps, as mentioned, a bit of bling on the necklace or what about some silver chain from the pendant to the bling/pearls? More of a tin cup style? Not sure if that is the right term to use.
Meanwhile, enjoy!