What do these look like?


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Oct 19, 2019
Hi All, I've been away for a while but thought I'd seek expertise! My wife finally purchased a strand for herself! Now I would like to get opinions on what they are! They were billed as goldens from Mikimoto and have a Miki clasp but the images were not complete and don't show a charm. The lustre and color are something I don't necessarily associate with golden SS but at 9-12mm they seem slightly outside Akoya parameters?

Thanks as always! RogerG
These look like Bonafide golden SSPs...and as @pattye mentioned: they have very lovely overtones. The clasp is also very interesting.
Good silky luster!
I love the pink and green overtones over the "karat gold." I love the clasp. Looks like this strand:

Not everyone loves that M dangle. I would have it removed if it were my strand. But the M dangle might be behind the neck in the photos.
Hi Pattye, I didn't take these pics. They are from the vendor (I'm not that good). I plan on posting fresh pics when it arrives.

Thanks for weighing in Douglas! The overtones are what was throwing me as I'm used to more Metal like colors with a less "glassy" surface on the golden SSP's I've seen.

Hi BWeaves! I was thinking the overtones caused the color to be much paler than the ones in that strand and that threw mw a bit. You may be right about the charm possibly not shown as none of the pics showed the4-5 pearls beyond 5 from the clasp on either side.