What did you score for Mother's Day?

Pistachio pearls are on my short list, being reddish blond. No gifts here, though, neither from other or myself :) Still have two more camera lenses on my list.

- Karin
Beautiful present LisaC and Red I shouldn't be looking at those delicious chocolates on an empty stomach.
Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day pearls, treats and flowers! Nothing for me (darn!) but I really think cyndaco, ckrickett, Red and lisa c scored!
My family usually gives me practical gifts for Mother's Day...this year it was a waffle maker, and my family and I had a beautiful brunch of blueberry waffles (made by my daughter) and cheese covered scrambled eggs (my son's doing)...my husband worked the Keurig (which was a previous Mother's Day gift). It was a brilliant day, and I hope all mothers were able to enjoy their children as well!!!
Here are my kasumi pearls. They're mostly pink, lavender, and mauve, and they are huge. Keep in mind that I'm a size 16, and my frame isn't exactly dwarfing these 12-14mm pearls.
So lustrous and magnificent on you! Wear in health!
Oooh, lovely, all of it, flowers, chocolates, pearls, colours...
Oooh, loving this thread!

ckrickett, especially admiring those ripples! And lisa c, those lilies of the valley are the perfect accompaniment! (red's chocolate also fitting ;) )
Thank you, I wish I could've provided the scent as well as the visual.
Isnt PG a wonderful site?!