WARNING! - Edi Vichien (?) from Agustus Collection - money embezzlement!

I have bought from agustus-collection on ebay many times without problem, but only via ebay. And very recently as well. Have you tried to contact agustus-collection via their ebay page Marina. They usually responds very fast.
Oh, Marina, I am SO sorry you've had to endure such a terrible expense and experience! Thank you for warning us all; it's very kind and helpful of you. I've never bought from that company, but was tempted many times. I too think maybe PayPal will be able to help you resolve the issue in some fashion; possibly involving your credit card or bank too. Covid has been a nightmare around the world. I can not imagine trying to be an international dealer in gems and pearls during all this time. Certainly, everything he said could well be true, that he got stuck while traveling and dealing in the exotic and special pearls, even if his office still carries on some "ordinary" business without him. However, you should not have to suffer for nearly a year over that, and I hope you get a resolution. Sending you HUGS, friend; we're here for you 24/7 anytime; you are special to us.

Thank you, Cathy!
Paypal won't help, time passed.
Yes, maybe some of it true. One thing is not true... he has access to his money and could return them to me a long time ago. He did not.

Thank you, thank you! Hoping to see you very very soon in Kojima Studio :) :)
I have bought from agustus-collection on ebay many times without problem, but only via ebay. And very recently as well. Have you tried to contact agustus-collection via their ebay page Marina. They usually responds very fast.

I bought via ebay from him as well, without a hitch.
I am SURE he saw my messages, no response!
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Oh Marina! I am so sorry to hear about this. I certainly hope his conscience will guide him to make things right.
Or at least that his company that are still operating does make things right.
Yes, Marina, no matter the circumstances, the bottom line is he took your money and didn't deliver your pearls or communicate, sadly. Possibly he had honest intentions originally, but used your money in desperation for he and his daughter to survive in Malaysia and evacuate her, thinking he could fix it later. Does not excuse his behavior, but might explain, as you worked with him for so long in the past without issues. He also stated he did buy the pearls; perhaps he couldn't get them, or they got lost in shipping/closed countries too, leaving him with nothing? SO SAD, and so unfair to you. I hope he will eventually be able to make this right for you. Maybe his office/eBay will be able to establish better communications and help you in time; don't give up! Meanwhile, certainly I appreciate the warning, and wouldn't risk doing business with them. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know and .... we DO SO look forward to pearly hugs in the future! Love to you and your family :)
I agree with CathyKeshi...and if he runs a company he should have enough to pay back or deliver the goods!
And from you PayPal payment I can see it went to a company called "TradeWinds" I believe, so it should qualify as a commercial account by PayPal standards...the problem is it took you too long to ask for your money back.
Now, PayPal may hear you out and could even do something, like banning his account. I would reach out to PayPal Marina...ASAP.
Dear All,

If any of you have had any doubt about his dishonesty and malicious intention, please put it to rest.
I wrote to him yesterday via his eBay account, warning that I posted this thread here for the whole pearl world to see. I don't know what I expected. A shred of decency, a speck of remorse?

Well, what i got back you can read below.

So, according to this character,

a Russian (Putin himself, no doubt) hacked his account and...

- knew enough of pearl business to conduct it with me, talk of pearl farms in Indonesia

- knew his life circumstances and his family

- had access to his accounts, including bank, no less

- communicated with me, perfectly mimicking Mr. Edi's writing style, telling me about a pearl farmer whom he had given my money to...

shell I go further?

nah, just please read it yourself....


New message from: agustus-collection Top Rated Seller(17,576YellowShooting Star)


thank you very much for your message.

I really don't know what this is all about, but it was approx. 1 year ago somebody hacked my mobile-phone, my email address, and the remote access to my computer.

Until we found out, it was too late.

My identity was stolen and was used several times.

It was a disaster until I found.

One day I received an email from some Russian hackers, demanding US$ 2,500 to be paid via Bitcoin, as otherwise they block access to my accounts, email and others.

Several friends, family and customers were also asked to send money, looking like messages coming from me. They even used personal names and everybody thought is for real.

Messages and email they receive stated that I am in hospital and cannot pay my bill, need emergency surgery and others.

Others stated that I am distressed overseas and that I had an accident and so many other stories.

Even my own daughter received a message tell her that I am sick in hospital in Istanbul.

All this is not true and made up by these hackers.

I saw some of the messages and they look very authentic and look like they come from me, but they are not.

I was devastated and changed my phone, my phone number, my email addresses, my PayPal address, my eBay address and everything I could.

I even changed to a completely new computer and changed to a new internet provider.

It is now 6 or 7 month later and we never had any problem again so far and I hope it will stay like this.

I am not happy about what happened and it took me a while to recover. It made me even sick and worry for more to come.

Thank you again for letting me know and

Best Regards,

As you have stated Marina: no doubt left.
I am so sorry to hear this.
His excuse is not credible.
I bought a few carved shell peices from him a few years back. I won't be buying from him again.
This is awful!! You would think that since he has an ebay store and gets payment from customers thru PayPal etc., he would have a some kind of security in his computer, phone or whatever else tech he was using to protect himself and his customers from hackers so I don't believe him at all. I bought a few things from him many years ago but no more after this. This makes me sad and angry.
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So, we all know hacking is a true thing, and so are computer-ransoms, BUT! He should make it right.

This is a very bad business, and thank you for the warning. Isn’t insurance carried for this sort of thing, by merchants?
In fact, I got an eBay message along the lines of “Your Favorite Sellers...”, sent to me recently, including his store. I will scrub it.

Thank you for caring for us, in spite of your own grief.
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Masik, I am so sorry to hear all this! No wonder you are feeling sick... reading it, I am not feeling frightfully well myself. You are doing the only thing you can: letting everyone know what happened. Virtual hugs! Trust is such an important thing in this business.
Masik-- I am so sorry to hear of this story. But, I definitely would inform Paypal, inform eBay and your credit card company-- if you used one, hopefully. For future reference, one should always use a credit card as there are extra protections. I also think you can get the authorities involved. IF his story is true, it can be researched, but I would contact a lawyer and see what your recourse is. The good news is you have your Paypal receipt and the correspondence. So there is proof on your end. This is fraud and theft. Please don't let this go and just accept that you have lost your money.
Masik-- I just looked at your PP receipt. Was it Feb 8 2020? because it is not yet a year and so you still may have success with Paypal and your credit card company. With fraud-- I believe the credit card company will investigate and prosecute.
Ok- I see it's 180 days on Paypal for a dispute-- time for a lawyer. I'm so sorry you have gone through this. I sent you a PM.
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Oh dear Marina, what a horrid situation. Hoping they will make things right, and soon! Hugs.