Vintage Pearl style

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds.jpg

Debbie Reynolds by Everett

Carrie & Debbie
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Martha Hyner


Joan BLondell.jpg

Martha Hyner.jpg

Martha Hyner 1 .jpg
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Joan Fontaine

JF Ps.jpg


Jean Arthur.jpg

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Yes I know I need to make corrections, thanks you. I was using my mini which has moved or sorted all my of pic file folders : (. Once I go home I will have to use my old computer to reload pictures and delete all over again:(.


My look of vexation at this new computer.
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Yes it is and I have quite a few pictures to upload of her in pearls, if I can get the files sorted out.

I think that is Martha Hyer.
Oh, Carrie!

Jean Arthur has the perfect triple.

Wrong Pic loaded from my new mini computer : (

(I added that picture of Carrie because she is wearing pearls and with Debbie, who is wearing a lovely pair of diamond earrings she received as a gift which she could swap out with pearl drops...If I can ever find and image)
Vera Miles




VM 0.jpg


Minna Gombell

Minna Gombell.jpg
Joan Blondell

Blondell copy.jpg
Bette Davis

Ann Southern

Ann  Sothern5.jpg

Ann Sothern.jpg

Ann Sothern 2.jpg
Lucille Ball

LBall --.jpg

Vivian Vance

Vivan Vance.jpg
Jean Arthur


Thanks Pattye, I am glad folks are still enjoying the thread. I stopped for awhile because I've been transferring files between a couple of computers, a tablet and my phone.

For this episode, I'm back and forth between computers. Transferring between the two has been a bit of a file folder nightmare (way too many jewelry & Gemstone I as never very organized with them). Some of the people I am posting I never would have recognized them before myself, like BW, I am enjoying finding the "younger" versions of people we are so used to seeing in their later years. I am also enjoying seeing how the ladies matured and their preferences for pearls...putting the PSS theory to the test.

BPDDC, enjoying these photos soooo much! Thank you for id'ing the ladies, otherwise I'd recognize less than half.

For example this person continued to show up as I did my image hounding, and I finally realized it is Glinda the Good Witch, Billie Burke.

Glinda billie-burke.jpg
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