Vintage Pearl style


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Apr 17, 2015
Ruby Dee:

Ruby Dee.jpg
Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhar.jpg
This fact was my inspiration for the image journal I've been working on! ( I know some of the pics are probably faux pearls...but the idea is the same)

Vintage and typical today - some things never change!
Durru Shelver, Princess of Berar

Durru Shehvar, Princess of Berar.jpg

(by Cecil Beaton)
Ruby Dee looks gorgeous.

Wow, I've never seen Amelia Earhart look sexy before. (Ugh, I have Amelia Earhart hair.) Amelia's pearls look like naturals, what do you think?

Princess of Berar, wow, 7 strands of naturals, I bet.

Back in my high school days, I had a set of Amelia Earhart luggage. Another student saw the label and said, "Amelia Earhart luggage? Does that mean it gets lost halfway to its destination?" Doh! I loved that luggage. Harvest gold pleather with new fangled wheels and a dog leash. And it tipped over every time I tried to go around a corner.
Princess Fatma Neslişah


Princess Fatma Nesli?ah.jpg
Maria Callas

Callas1 Ap.jpg

maria ears.jpg
Vilma Banky


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Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino.jpg
Kay Davis

Kay Davis.jpg
Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery.jpg

Agnes Moorehead

Agnes Moorehead.jpg
Constance Bennett

Constance Bennett.jpg
Jane Wyman

Jane Wyman2.jpg

Jane Wyman1.jpg
Lena Horne

Clois Leechman


Clois L.jpg

Clois Pearls.jpg

(She loves pearls, especially layer them)