The Time Has Come for Men In Pearls

Pearls have an age-old allure and men have not been impervious to their charms. Historically, they were worn as a sign of wealth and rank by kings and maharajas, as well as female royalty and members of the aristocracy. Pearls as exclusive female adornment grew with the advent of the cultured pearl. Men were limited to purchasing pearls for the ladies in their families, with the rare exception of a pearl stick or tie pin for themselves.

Enter today's new world of fashion freedom and pearls are breaking into unisex territory. Many celebrities are boldly wearing pearls, such as Pierce Brosnan, Steven Tyler, Elton John and Pharrell Williams. At Forum, men have been posting photos of their pearl jewelry for the last few years. Take forum member Matt_95, who settled on a Tahitian pearl on leather. These necklaces are definitely first choice with the majority of pearl wearing men.

Forum member Matt_95 sporting a Tahitian pearl on leather

Matt's amazing photograph was taken by Abraham de Souza as part of a photo shoot that was not meant to focus on the pearl, but Matt definitely wears it well.

Jeremy Shepherd wearing abalone pearl

Jeremy Shepherd, CEO of Pearl and the founder of Pearl Guide, also prefers the simple leather necklace, but here he switches it up with a natural abalone horn pearl.

Sea of Cortez: Men's mabé pearl ring

Let's not forget the most traditional of male jewelry - the ring. This Sea of Cortez mabe pearl ring was posted by forum member BlackPearlDudeDC, Trystan. Sea of Cortez pearls are known for their color-shifting properties. It's worth the trip to Perlas del Mar de Cortez in Guaymas, Mexico to visit the pearl farm and select your own ring in person.

Mark St. James, whose Marquis of Fashion website offers the latest in fashion advice dispenses this wisdom: "I've never understood why people think pearls are relegated to women's jewelry. It's just wrong.

There is nothing more elegant on a man than a couple of well chosen pearl pieces. Pearls, especially Tahitian pearls (my favorite) are subtle and can be used in both dress and casual attire."

Men's triple pearl Tahitian bracelet

Bracelets are popular, especially when created with masculine materials like woven leather, steel fittings and Tahitian pearls, as in this bracelet, owned and modeled by Trystan. This could be the perfect gift for a man who likes pearls, but isn't sure whether he would feel comfortable wearing them.

Anna Tabakhova: Men's single Tahitian pearl on rubber bracelet

This elegant Tahitian pearl and rubber bracelet by Anna Tabakhova is a classic in male pearls - and her photograph might convince any man to wear one, at least if it is accompanied by a motorcycle!

Forum member Itsmisterc wearing pearls on Silver

For the young and hip we admire the style of forum member ItsMisterC. He admits to having a love for pearls from childhood. He's turned that pearl love into a cool neck chain with white and gold South Sea pearls from the Philippines.

Samira 13's Lars Berger wearing multiple pearl strands

And here is the charming Lars Berger, representing Samira 13 at the JCK Design Center and wearing the modern equivalent of a pirate look. Who wouldn't be smiling with all that Tahitian pearl loot?

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the men-in-pearls trend. If you want to discuss what you have read, please join the Pearl Guide Forum at

Blaire Beavers
Managing Editor
Pearl Guide News