"The KJM Collection" - Andrew's Mom's Pearls

My goodness, what gorgeous pearls! The KJM Collection is impressive!
Andrew, that is one of the most amazing Tahitian strands I've ever seen. You and your Mom really got the top of the line.
Some really little, plain and simply Calla Lily style earrings that we found today at Kohl's - they're just small freshwater pearls but they have an almost peacock effect.

With the discounts and coupons, it came to less than $20, so a fun little addition here:

Very cute setting. Linda Wald has a custom set of conch pearls she had made in a similar setting that is really nice. Hers ring like bells. Do these ring too?
These sadly do not ring, but that sounds intriguing!

Thanks, Katbran! We were happy to come across them.
I'd wear those earrings in a heartbeat! :)
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Thanks so much all! They are really fun and can't be beat for the price.

Mom's clasp on the wonderful Tahitian strand stopped locking today :( we have no idea what's up with it -- shot an email off to the folks at Pearl Paradise.
What kind of clasp? I find sometimes the bent tongue part of the clasp on safety clasps becomes a bit flattened, less springy with time. I open it up very slightly -- widen the bend a tiny bit-- so that it again grips the ball part of the clasp.

Another clasp, a sparkly gold ball that I got with my baroque akoyas a few years ago failed to stay closed. The tongue fit into the ball without any sort of safety. The weight of the pearls made the clasp open up the first time I wore it to go out-- and the pearls would have hit the ground if my reflexes hadn't been quick. I added a safety chain but found it annoying end eventually just bought another clasp entirely for that necklace.
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Thanks for the info!

It's just the standard yellow gold ball clasp that comes with all their necklaces. Mom has a heck of a time with it, anyway, so if there is an issue, maybe PP will just restring with an orbit or something needing a little less blind dexterity
I hate a Ball Clasp. Like the Fishhook that is on so many of the Chinese necklaces, they are a pain and I find they don't work well on anything heavy. I like a Toggle on heavy pearls, the weight keeps the tension on and they are easy to use. Also a nice looking Hook and Eye, something with a bit of swirl and style are really easy on anything with weight.
I've gotten rid of all my ball clasps that have the fishhook tongue. I've replaced them all with either balls that screw (that sounds dirtier than it is), although I only use those as decorative disco balls and never unscrew them. Or with orbit clasps, which I love.

The orbit clasp is secure, and it makes the necklace sit well at the back of the neck. It's also great when worn in front because you can hang a pendant off it. And it's decorative enough that you can string several necklaces together and have the clasp show, and it looks like cool links.
I agree. I'm a fan of the orbit clasp. The shiny ball clasps are thin gold that get dinged easily, too. The ball on the matte ball clasps seem a bit sturdier. And I've had to "open" the tongue many times on the ball clasps for them to continue clicking closed.
I wonder how long the orbit clasps work before their spring gives up? Has anyone ever had them fail?
I've never had an orbit clasp fail in the 5 or 6 years I've been using them. They seem very sturdy. I've never had a little spring ring fail, either, and the orbits are a huge step up from those wimpy little things.