Tahitian Pearl Ring


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Jan 25, 2012
I've never really worn rings before (apart from on my ring finger, engagement ring etc) but I've seen some gorgeous pearl rings over the past while on this site, and I've finally taken the plunge.

It's an utterly plain sterling silver band, which is what I wanted - gold doesn't really suit me, and my engagement and wedding rings are platinum.

The pearl is 8.7 mm, round, A grade, and flawless.

It's the most intriguing colour - whichever way you look at it, it appears that the bit in the centre of your vision is aubergine coloured, and it's greeny-coloured on the rest of it. But move it around, and once again, the bit in the middle is aubergine, and the rest green.

I can't wear it driving, for example, otherwise I'd be so busy looking at it I'd crash!

It's very hard to photograph, because it's so reflective, the camera and surroundings keep showing up!



Mesmerizing pearl! Enjoy your new ring.
Bet you catch yourself staring into that pearl all day long. I know I would!
Green body color with a cherry overtone - perfect! Now I'm going to be wanting the same thing. :cool:
It's lovely - and fortunately, I don't drive much. Have to be careful wearing it in court, don't want to be so absorbed with the lustre that I find myself saying, "yes, whatever you say, My Lord....."
Interesting ploy possibility for your learned opponent then - doors of the court..hand you a tahitian pressie....
Absolutely gorgeous pearl and I love the simple setting that lets the pearl take center stage! Enjoy!!!
Amanda! Amazing ring! Congratulation! Lovely color!
My favorite ring design! I have the same design but not so beautiful pearl. My pearl - baroque shape

Amanda! You're pearl really breathtaking!
I love yours, too - aren't we lucky, to have such beautiful rings to admire all the time? Better than a necklace in some ways, as it's easier to see (-:
Amanda! Patty once wrote that the pearl rope the best toy for a boring meeting. Our Pearl rings the same toys)