Looking for South Sea button-shaped pearl for engagement ring - based in Australia!


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Feb 17, 2020
Hi all!
I'm a pearl newbie based in Sydney, Australia. I am going for a pearl engagement ring and my heart is set on this design from Tiffany: https://www.tiffany.com.au/jewelry/rings/tiffany-south-sea-noble-pearl-ring-GRP07213/
Unfortunately they are out of stock of this ring in Australia... plus I'd prefer (ahem, my partner would prefer) to pay less without the brand name if possible.
So I have been getting quotes from local jewellers who have all said they can easily custom make the ring for me, but I just need to source the right pearl! Any ideas? Wondering if any Australians on this forum have ordered online before or whether you will scour local stores to try and find the right pearl?
The colour looks a bit champagne and also the button shape may be difficult to find, but I'm in the hands of all you experts for any advice you have! Thanks :D
I'm in the US, but have always been very well pleased with my interactions and purchases from Katbran in Australia; I'd second that suggestion. Have fun on your search :)
Another option is to look at the offerings from https://www.paspaley.com/

Not sure they ever part with single loose pearls but a quick call would at least provide an answer. When talking about cultured pearls and Australia "Paspaley" always comes to mind. It is a brand though, so possibly higher than you may like to pay if there is any selection to choose from!
You may want to purchase a backup pearl at the same time. I had a South sea pearl that bumped into something that took a divot out of it, even though I was careful. It was a button shape, which is not uncommon and normally the lower profile will help protect it. :)