Silly question: can creamy WSS be bleached to white WSS?

LOL...not the "brave"...just the ones that have learned to laugh at the person in the mirror. Living in Mexico may be a part of know, the whole thing about "Day of the Dead" but also a bit of reading does that...I used to read one Sholem Aleichem...even when my Opa told me not to read him.
Dark humor ;)
I’ve wondered if building in the round hut-shaped way would help buildings survive tropical storms better? On the other hand, I suppose we’re looking at water/surge damage, not just winds, right? The roiling water tears the shells away from moorings, and cages are separated from anchors.

Anyway, I looked it up once, and the articles were interesting. Made me appreciate architecture and the use of porches and bay windows as wind manipulators. It’s genius, I tell ya!
It was heartbreaking at the moment and for years to follow (you keep paying your debts, even if you no longer have the assets) but it is just part of the past BWeaves
Probably one of the reasons I also enjoyed reading Sholem Aleichem's (Rabinowitz) stories...they are in the past, no longer present.

Yes lisa c and I guess Josh Humbert could tell us more details about their use of their buildings...just being on top of strong wood beams makes it better to survive a flood or even a small tsunami. But we never had a chance with a "God-Level" Hurricane. It wrecked every single place it touched...went up all the way to Nova Scotia in Canada, can you believe that?!?!?!?

Hurricane Wilma was the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, and the second-most intense tropical cyclone recorded in the Western Hemisphere, after Hurricane Patricia in 2015.
From Wikipedia

I don't know if these round-shaped, elevated, structures could have survived this hurricane. I was fortunate I left just 2 days before it touched Cozumel.
CortezPearls Does any insurance company provide insurance for this kind of damage? Like when we buy a house, there are insurance plans for flood, theft, etc.. Natural disasters seem more and more severe and frequently. The effect of climate change is more and more obvious. :(
Usually there are a force majeure clause of insurances. Those insurance companies are slippery.
There are...but we ran out of money to pay for the insurance (it was not my decision to do it this way) and the idea was to start selling jewelry and obtain the money to pay for insurance. The store had opened just 2 months before.
And then there were many difficulties about this Mexico this is costlier, and you are always less protected due to our "peculiarities". live, you learn...
Oh wow, that was a harsh outcome, Douglas. What a confluence of events.
Sure was. But I learned a lot. Especially about having business associates.