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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Feb 26, 2015
What a thoughtful treat for your cousin’s daughter, Cathy. That necklace would be such a fantastic memory, and knowing you, the thought that went into each charm and how to hide it would’ve been over the top.:giggle: I grew up with all these charms being readily available. I have a bracelet my parents started for me when I was around 5-6, then a bracelet from all my adult travels, and then a couple that are all Hawaiian Island charms. It’s not easy to find these charms anymore as the Pandora style has taken over the market.

BWeaves, it’s a very cool pendant, but it would be a stretch for me to call any shark “cute”, I have a healthy fear of them. I unintentionally snorkeled right over one on the Big Island one year and was freaked when I realized what it was.

I asked about some of the natural white baroque Akoya strands on the Takahashi IG page not too long ago. I was shown some at different price points and went with this 9-9.5mm strand. Although considered baroque, it is just a little off round, and has not been processed in any way- no pinking, or even bleaching- all natural color. I’m wearing it with my natural white Akoya studs I purchased from Takahashi during the summer (also not processed), and a keshi bracelet I made.