Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks, SydK and Charlotta! SydK, I love silvery white Tahitians, and yours look wonderful on you! Charlotta, in two words, “Too many!” :18: That was one of my pandemic hobbies and I was totally entertained!

A favorite little pair of Akoya earrings. My parents brought these back from a trip to Japan many, many years ago. I am amazed they did not get lost after rolling around in several jewelry boxes and many moves over the years. Worn with a coppery/pink/green metallic strand from Pacific Pearls.
Well jeg I have quite a number of fun bracelets, not sure how many. I did make 10 Happy bracelets over the summer...such pretty akoya earrings. I have been wearing smaller studs for months, very comfortable. Sometimes they doesn't even match my strands, there are so many colors in my bracelets that it doesn't matter anyway. Those lavender blue freshwater pearls that I finally drilled the broken findings out of have gotten a lot of use.
I have even worn them with golden south sea pearls.
SydK love the combo of the white FW strand, large FW pendant and the linen shirt. They really belong together!:veryhappy: I love your silvery white Tahitians too. I think silver Tahitians are really underrated. They are absolutely beautiful in their own way
Thanks Douglas, Jeg, Echo and Charlotta.
Echo, I really like silver Tahitians, too - but then, I like all Tahitians, especially baroque ones.

Jeg, you have so many wonderful pearls that I’d forgotten about these coppery freshwaters. The colour is glorious. And those akoya earrings are so sweet - how fortunate the didn’t get lost.

This was my first strand of Tahitians, and is still a favourite. They have a few blemishes, but the size, colour and lustre more than make up for that.

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Very pretty tahitians SydK. That color looks great on you. I still have my first good tahitian strand from Cees and haven't changed a pearl. Sometimes I connect it with an extender, that's all. Mine have some blemishes as well but the color and the luster is just amazing.
I especially like all those colorchanges in the pearls. So of I turn them around, a who other color. I don't know if Cees arranged them himself or of someone else did that. That person must have had lots of fun with all those colorchanges.
SydK Your white on white combo is lovely, and I especially like your silvery Ts. Your dark T's are super lustrous - they're glowing around your neck!
jeg That mixed Kojima strand is gorgeous and I LOVE what you did with the copper disc earrings! The coppery overtones on your Pacific Pearls strand are just fantastic, and what a special pair of akoya earrings
Charlotta Wow, the saturation and colors on your Cees strand are incredible :love:
Thanks, SydK, I have to dig through my boxes to remember what I have myself, and to remember to wear them.:pat: I also love your Tahitian strand. The length of your strands are always perfect on you. Do you customize them? Thank you, SurfnSci, I am always on the lookout for earrings/findings I can add pearls to. It’s a great way to add more color. Charlotta, I am so relieved your Tahitian strand from Cees has escaped the scissors! It is a beautiful strand as is.

An ombre Tahitian strand from a special PP sale of one of a kind pieces, worn with earrings I made.
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Fear not jeg that strand only sees the scissors when it's time to restring it. Your ombre tahitians are devine.
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Oh ladies, I was catching up today and was just so taken by all the beautiful pearls. And how well you ladies wear them!

Eolian, your new T bracelets are amazing. And that T long tin cup is to die for !!

SydK, your necklaces look so nice on you. Loved the multi color FW on you. And also your original T strand. It is gorgeous. However I was captivated by your silver white T necklace. OH how I LOVE silver white Ts and they looked fabulous on you!!

Jeg.....oh those Myanmar pearls are sublime. I ogle them every time you wear them. They take my breath away. Love your ombre T strand, so delightful. And of course the pretty copper pink strand from Pacific Pearl. That one always catches my eye!

Thanks lady for the guilty pleasure of catching up before bed time tonight, and see all these incredible pearls :love:
jeg your ombré Tahitian strand is so lustrous and beautiful. Goes perfectly with your moss green top. I always love your outfits with your pearls. They are really clever pearl friendly choices. :smile: Do you make your pearl earrings with solid gold or gold filled findings?
Since many pictures were taken when at Mini Pearls by the Bay last weekend, thought I would post a few. Some mine, some just trying on. Always love wearing all those little pretties!

It is a pleasure, and fun, to play ‘dress up’ with Sarah and Fuji’s beautiful pearls! :love:


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Yesterday a few pearl pieces Katbran and I worked on in the past few months have arrived. Gosh I’m in pearl heaven!:love: I love every single one of them. My heart was jumping with joy.

Out of all the pieces, what surprised me the most would be the pair of Paspaley WSS pearl drops. White pearls were normally on the bottom of my favourites list. However this pair of beauty are emanating a deep inner glow making them literally light bulbs. One has to see in person to truly appreciate the beauty of these thick nacred wonders. I put them on straight away and let the glow accompany me through the rest of my day.

Today I put on the pair of T studs with my blue T choker for a casual outfit day. I think they match well. The last but not least is the keshi + T + WSS rope. Sorry my photo here didn’t capture its true beauty. One day I will upload a proper photo under the right lighting. Katbran worked with me very patiently to create this one and she really nailed it.





Oh my, so many treasures!
AzFlygirl, I’m overwhelmed by all the beauties and jealous that you got to play dress ups at Kojima. These are all gorgeous, but I especially like the gold and white SSP combination on you - it suits you so well. Also, thank you for your lovely comments about my recent posts.
Echo, those white drops are beautiful- look at that orient! And the Ts look great on you. What a wonderful package to receive!
OOOO, I'm behind on reading this website. Works been a bit too busy lately. So many beautiful pearls. Thank you all for sharing photos.
Thank you Syd.

Syd, believe it or not, the photo you mentioned is of my white FW Kojima strand, along with a long rope of light silver Ts. Not GSS, however it did photograph rather gold. It was probably the lighting. Right before we took the group photo Marina knew I loved silver white Ts and arranged it on me. We all decked out in pearls we loved. BOY, was that photo eye opening, as I now love that look......and will look at purchasing a T rope to replicate. So cool when you learn from someone else how to layer. Thank you, Marina. She was fantastic at helping me look around.

Of course, one can plainly see my T addiction. Thought there were many strands that caught my eye, my eyes went straight to T display. (my pics on the Mini Pearls by the Bay thread) Of all the pictures, you see mostly Ts, I was trying on. I did have the one GSS, but in the end the color just did not do anything for my skin tone. So disappointing. Pattye's GSS/Keshi strand looked so beautiful on her, and her skin tone. I was hoping the GSS strand would do the same for me. Live and learn....and I learned so much that day from Marina, Jeg, Pattye, and Sarah. Thanks ladies, you are fantastic, and the best Pearl Friends!! :heart:
jeg That is an incredible T ombre, wow! Those are lovely earrings, too.
AzFlyGirl Oh my gosh, so many stunning necklaces! Those GSS drops especially are so gemmy and lustrous, and I love the mixed T necklace from the final photo. I would never be able to leave Kojima if I ever visited, haha
echo Gorgeous new mixed strand, and your new earrings are fantastic! They all really look wonderful on you. And I agree, the Paspaley WSS drops are just jaw-dropping.
Thank you for your kind words SydK and SurfnSci
AzFlyGirl how I envy your opportunity to try on all the beautiful pearls in the pearl wonderland. All the strands look beautiful on you. My favourite would be that strand of Ts with intense green colour and lustre. It has the wow factor :love:
Such kind words, Surfn Sci and Echo. Thank you!

Echo your new pearls at glorious! Love all the earrings, so lustrous. The Paspaley's just glow with luster. Beautiful!

I loved all those T strands I tried on. I am usually a baroque strand kind of gal, however those rounds caught my eye with their amazing luster. The deep green one had sublime luster. It was opulent. Echo, the last photo was the round strand that had a pastel look. It had white, lite silver, med silver, with aubergine and med blue pearls dabbled around. It was so unique with its brilliant color combos it captivated me. The one strand that took my heart, however did not photograph well was the large baroque strand of multi colors. The array of colors were dazzling, and it had exquisite luster and overtones. Be still my beating heart :heart:

I have tried several times to upload more photos.of the Mini Pearls by the Bay, much to my frustration. The system keeps rejecting some photos,and then post others. No rhyme or reason!! Geez.....I will continue to try to load more photos, and cross your fingers they will finally upload. :confused2:
AzFlyGirl, I would never have picked them as silver - I could have sworn they were gold! But I love the look on you and agree that you should definitely try more layers.

Very simple pieces for me today - big purple freshwater studs and an Eyris (abalone) mabe pendant.