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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Jeg, those blue keshi are so very lovely, and your bracelet is marvellous. Red, your pearls are beautiful, and the scarf is just WOW! Christabelle, welcome! Pareltje, so nice to see you - your thread on other gemstones in another part of the forum is one of my favourites.
And thank you everyone who commented kindly on my poor neglected Edisons :). I’m going to try to remember to wear them more often - they have lovely luster and the purply-gold colour is really very pretty.

But that said, I’m back in Tahitian baroques today :) I’m still collecting the lightest coloured Tahitians I can find and adding to this one. I think I have about 2” of loose pearls to add to it next time I’m in a knotting mood.


New Member
Jeg, even though you often wear that golden combination I am always happy to see them. They are simply stunning.
SydK, beautiful pastelly tahitians. Are you aiming for a rope? That would be gorgeous.


New Member
Red - those Tahitians are gorgeous ! And that clasp is just beautiful - I've always wanted that one.. jealous? Oh yes I am !
Syd- nice to see those Ripples out and about - the weather here has been way too hot for pearls !
jeg - Those Golds ! Luv em I have always liked Golds that are broken up with some white.
Christabelle - Welcome .. we will all have to take a look at your store !!

eolian pearls

Active member
Oh Jeg that is a fantastic idea!!!! You are most welcome to be my pearl delivery friend! YOU wouldn’t ask silly questions like “How many pearls do you really need to buy???” :)) Ohhh I can just imagine it!!!! And you and your travelling pearl would certainly love it here on the islands...Hmmm...lets hope we can get back to travelling soon, so many dreams to realize still...
Of course your goldens are glorious!

Sydk lovely baroques, I do love the light Tahitians! And they are perfect with your dress!

Akoya staring for me today. I got out my smallish blue akoyas from Pearlescence to brighten up my day. I recently got a 14mm silver blue pearl from Druzy that goes nicely with multicolored Vietnamese akoyas ( also Pearlescence) and now I am looking for the right bail. B5DDFB22-E6D0-465C-B107-F3E4A5566546.jpgCB9E14E2-0059-4FA7-82F1-83FFA658C042.jpegEC88FD21-E126-4479-95CF-66FB1E142DF9.jpg


Blue akoyas and blue wool are such a happy combination. Eolian and Jeg, your recent posts have sent blue akoyas back to the top of my wish list. Next time I see a strand with decent colour, I’m going to grab it.
But for today, bronze freshwaters for me


New Member
Eolian, blue Akoyas are my favourite pearls & yours are just gorgeous!
Your stands are lovely, SydK!
You have a divine pearl collection, Jeg!
Beautiful pearls everyone! I've been homebound by this horrible winter storm we've had in Texas this week, but hopefully I'll be back at work on Monday and ready to wear my pearls again! Before calamity struck I'd worn my pearls nearly every day for about a month, and I miss them! I'm going to try layering my pendants with my new pearls, and I was wondering how harmful is it to pearls to wear them layered with chain necklaces? I mean... I'm going to do it anyway, but if it's very damaging it can be an occasional treat. By chains I mean just the usual gold fine guage chains you wear with pendants.


New Member
Your bronze freshwaters looks great ln you SydK. I have a hard time wearing that color, peach and apricot colors as well. Sometimes I still try.
Pearlie Sue, you have to show us your new pearls. Chains can damage pearls, I haven't seen it myself. Mostly I don't wear chains and strands together anymore. I have made chains out of tiny ivory off round freshwater pearls instead, in different lenghts. I had to string most of them on wire, I don't like wire but the drillholes were just to tiny. I have even made a long and short lavender rose strand. They were all from a seller on ebay that have since closed the shop, Pearllunar, but can probably be found elsewhere as well. I also use a nifty clasp where pendants can be attached. But it's better to wear pearls than to not wear them, don't feel bad if you mix chains and strands.
Thank you Charlotta! By "new" I mean the pearls I've bought in the last six weeks, none I haven't shown off in the thread yet. I'll definitely show them layered though! So, in your opinion a chain of tiny pearls might be less damaging than a typical chain? (Not to mention look pretty cool too!)


New Member
Pearlie Sue, I think that all pearls have the same hardness and shouldn't damage other pearls. Those small pearls that I use for chain were quite affordable, so if some of those got damaged they could easily be replaced.
Jeg, is that a new rope, don't remember thay one. It's beautiful. I did something similar with my very long tahitian rope, the one with hery big drops, smaller drops and a few rounder pearls. I didn't use keshis, but I arranged the pearls in color groups when possible. It was very fun to make.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Pareltje, SydK, Charlotta, Katbran, eolian, and Bridie!

SydK, I love silvery white Tahitians! What a fun necklace to keep adding to, and the bronze combination is a winner together!

Ahahaha! NO questions asked, eolian!!;) And lovely Akoya!!

Pearlie Sue, I am not one to pamper my pearls and I wear them with anything. I have Akoya that spent years rattling around in jumbled jewelry boxes. The only thing I avoid is wearing them with stuff like sunscreen.

A Kojima rope of Tahitian keshi and pearls, arranged in a subtle graduation of color. Worn with the Kojima Tahitian Bubbles, and earrings I made.




Jeg, that rope is truly lovely - is it new? I don’t recall seeing it before.
Pearlie Sue, I often wear my pearls with chains, with no apparent damage. I suppose it might not be good for them long-term, but I’ve not had any immediate issues.
Today’s pearls:

eolian pearls

Active member
Thank you for the blue akoya love everyone! Blueberries indeed Lisa c! They truly are a special color, you need them SydK! I have bought a bigger strand of ice blue one some years ago, they were lovely but...silverly blue as opposed to...blueberries... And I thought the size was too big for me to wear casually so I made two gemstone ropes with them, one with garnet and another with amethyst rondelles for a friend. But I definitely need bigger blue akoyas for when I grow up :) Oh and looking at the picture now I need to restring that one necklace too...

In other news I love your Kojima rope Jeg! And the Bubbles of course...

SydK your Tahitians and the pendant are fabulous! The size! The colors! And the setting of the pendant! Perfect combination! And the summer pic...

Pearliesue I do combine my pearls very very often with chains and other gemstones and I havent noticed any problems. I try to remember to gently wipe my pearls after use and they are fine.98BC99A0-7A91-439F-BAD0-A2AC41AE56E1.jpg
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