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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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Yeah, it's a bit more expensive than I would have liked, but there was the sale discount that helped bring the price down. And Sarah swapped out the hook clasp for an orbit clasp, so it feels more secure to me and will allow me to move different pearls to the front easier. Some of the pearls that look a bit flat in my photos are actually super colorful.


Traveling Pearl
Jeg, I love that you show a photo wearing the pearls and then a close up. The yellow and blue combinations do look super-summery and the keshi are scruptious!

Thanks so much, GemGeek, Charlotta and BWeaves! It started with some pearly friends’ comments about the clothes, but I feel I need to do a separate pearl photo because they get washed out in the bigger pics.

Thank you, SydK! I really like the combination of colors in that keshi piece. Different than anything I have.


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Thanks, Katbran. You are correct...vigilance is the only way to address it. My dermatologist & I stay on top of it through regular appointments & removing suspicious spots before they can develop into cancers. This one developed due to COVID & the doctor's offices being closed for a couple of months & only doing virtual consultations, no surgeries. But it has been completely removed & now I'm enjoying my mango margaritas & healing. Stitches will come out next week on the 19th. When they ask me if I'm concerned about scars, I tell them that scars are like tattoos, only with better stories.

Jeg, you look fabulous as usual. I love the combination of colors & the luster just glows! You're so pearl savvy with which strands go with each other! I will pay homage to the Pearl Queen!

BW, your blues are so lovely & look so good mixed & layered! I like to layer mine as well!
Oh, my! You are dripping in beautiful, lustrous pearls! Such a fabulous look! You look so comfortable & colorful!
Your new Ombré tin cup is spectacular & really accents Summer Rainbow & Winter Snowman! I think you will be wearing this one a lot since the length is so versatile! Fabulous choice!

Well...I did step off Ban Island to get a Pearl chain from Kojima & then I was enticed by Lilpearl's Maki Tahitians. So I contacted Oceancove & bought one too. It arrived today & it's so beautiful with it's green & aubergine overtones & abalone mosaic!! I will be having Sarah custom make me another pendant or maybe earrings!


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BWeaves, I love all tin cups, just gorgeous and so versatile!!

86C, we’re twinning lol! Love your maki-e pendant, just beautiful!!

Parrot Lady

New member
I love everybody’s new pearls — so much lusciousness! BWeaves love the new tin cup and 86C, your maki-e pendant is gorgeous! After buying a pair of earrings from Kojima’s sale, I got put back on ban island this week. Daughter’s Mercedes suffered a fatal illness and had to be euthanized. Her credit is so bad that she couldn’t get a loan so I had to make up the difference between the trade and a new (used) vehicle. Major ouch for me.


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Bweaves, your ombre rainbow tincup is absolutely perfect. There are so many colors in it and the lenght is great. There must be almost all colors and shapes in this on. Just beautiful.
86Corvettegirl, that pendant is amazing. I am happy that you are healing well, hope that gel isn't too bad.
I haven't posted here in a long time, but I just wanted to let you all know that I look at this thread most days, and I'm continually in awe of all the beautiful pearls you all sport!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, 86C! Enjoy that beautiful new pendant!!

Looking forward to seeing your new earrings Parrot Lady! I’m sure it was worth the fall off the island. ;)

A strand of Tahitians with pretty green and aqua banding from PP. Worn with Tahitian earrings and a random rope I made.



New member
I'm in catch-up mode!

Jeg, that wave of blue/gold/white rounds is PHENOM. I am absolutely in awe.

BWeaves, that ombre combo with the Snowman + Rainbow earrings is beyond stunning. I love how it expresses. Like Syd, I wondered about how it would translate on - obviously very well on the right person! Also, I really loved the close-up shot of you in your blues, because you get to see how blue they really are!


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JEG: Your T's are almost Fijian in color. Gorgeous.

Thanks Jesskat. My blues are some of the darkest blue and pinks I've seen. They don't photograph as colorful as they really are. Hisano (PP) picked them some of them, so that tells you how deep blue they are. I keep staring at my new ombre' tin-cup. I wish I could photograph all the colors in it. It's much more colorful than my photos show.
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LOL, BW. I sure hope so!! I'm back on Ban Island sipping on Mango Margaritas! I'm going to be here for a while.

Parrot Lady, I can't wait to see your new earrings. We went through the same thing with our youngest so I empathize. And...I have another batch of Mango Margaritas coming up!

Charlotta, the hand is healing well & stitches come out next week. The chemo gel treatment is just nasty! I go back next month to have the doctor check that. The blistering is over; now it's tender & really red. I keep a bandage on it also.

Glad your back, Incik! Don't these ladies have some glorious pearls?!

Love the T's, Jeg! That is some beautiful banding on your PP strand! Love your random rope & earrings, too! You look fabulous! Wouldn't you know it....all the pearls I ordered to make earrings & do a couple of necklaces are all here & I can't use my hand to create anything! Pearl Gods are playing a practical joke on me! LOL


Jeg those Tahitians have beautiful tones!

BWeaves, I keep looking at your ombré necklace, it’s so beautiful and I love the position of the pearls and their colors! Just perfection!

86C and her mango margaritas got me motivated today! I’ve been eyeing the Coravine system for like a long time now, and I finally cave in and bought one! I’m looking forward to enjoy a zip of wine any time I want without having to coerce my husband to join me so I can justify opening a nice bottle of wine!


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Thank you BWeaves, Charlotta, Lilpearl and 86C!:eek:

Pretty, soft, summery colors in your bracelets, Frost Me!

Bailey, I really like the 8-10mm size. Very wearable. Looks great on its own and also lends well to layering.

More goldens and blues... A Kojima mixed strand of SS and Akoya/keshi. I put together the other strands- the shorter necklace with gemstones and Myanmar pearls/keshi, and the rope with Vietnamese Akoya.
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View attachment 75387

Sarah is wonderful about making special orders. The only problem would be if the pearls are not available. When that happens I put my order in and wait until she goes on a buying trip ;)


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, jesskat, BWeaves, 86C, Bailey, and Lilpearl!

Looking forward to seeing your projects, 86C! Hope your hand and cheek are rapidly healing.

I know what you mean Incik Boncuk. I can’t think of any new superlatives. :eek:

Wearing long shoulder dusters from Pearls By The Bay. They are made of vintage bone carvings, pearls, puka shells, and aquamarine. Worn with a giant puka shell from Hawaii.