Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

BWeaves your drops look great on your mother’s diamond hoops. The size of the hoops is perfect.

86C, so glad your surgical site is healing well. Sympathy for the chemo gel treatment. I had to do a 30-day chemo creme on my ear last year, and again this spring. It was awful and I still can’t sleep without wearing a special foam “donut” pillow on my ear to alleviate the residual pain, but I suppose it’s preferable to cutting off my ear or something. :-0
Bailey, you’re back! Way cool to see you!

Thank you Lisa! I'm here almost everyday actually, just quietly admiring everyone's pearls.

Thank you Bweaves,SydK,86C,Charlotta! I love all your pearls, old and new.
Syd- Looking good ! Marvellous big white pendant !!

BWeaves - Mismatched look great and the Snowman is super ! I'll have to scroll around as I haven't seen him before . I am a big fan of the station piece and the feather as well !

Bailey ! Helloooo !! I do love the GSS WSS ombre strands ! ( well I love all Ombre strands ) and yours is very pretty !
You all are looking so fabulous with the chic summer clothes and mix and match/old and new pearls! I'm doing good to have my earrings on by 2pm! It's been a crazy summer with my home-from-college Grandson (+ marimba and drum sets) staying here.

86C, so good to hear you're recovering well from your surgery; chemo gel is new to me; in the past I've had a few surgical removals, too.
Parrot Lady, sounds like a lot to go through; hope you're ok now.
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Pattye, yes the healing is coming along nicely with the bruising or swelling to speak of. It doesn't hurt, only itches at the bandage. The chemo gel treatment is another story. I put the gel on the area (with a Qtip) for 3 days in a row. It burned & now after 3 days, I have this nasty looking blistered area. Last night, part of the blister ruptured. It looks awful & while it doesn't burn like before, I can still feel heat when I touch it. This will also take 2 weeks of healing so I'm hoping there will be improvement when I go to get the stitches out of my hand. Personally, the gel treatment is worse than the hand surgery, but the area on my face was not conducive to surgical removal. Everything I had found on my face was able to be frozen off before it became a problem. Thankfully, there have been very few until this one came along. So I will be staying in for the next 2 weeks.

Ladies, keep posting those pics! I'm loving every one of them!!
So glad to hear you are healing well 86C, although the gel sounds rather horrid. :eek:

Wearing a long Japanese baroque Akoya rope with Tahitian dangle from Kojima, with Tahitian and Aquamarine earrings I made.


And, a golden SS strand, with my PP Ruckus mixed SS rope.

Lovely combos of pearls, JEG. I'm a sucker for blues, but the golds are equally beautiful.
Wearing a new strand of purple with green overtones tahitians, 8-10mm. I think i have PSS. I find this strand so small:D so I tried to wear it with big ripples.
Jeg, you strands are beautiful but those goldens are to dye for!

Frost me, that metallic bracelet is like looking into a mirror! Beautiful!!

Bailey1856, both strands are beautiful, and the t’s don’t look small to me, rather the perfect size for you!
The tahitians look great on you Bailey1856. I remember when I thought that 8mm akoyas looked huge on me. Before that I had only worn graduated akoya strands. Now 8mm seems small. The 8-10 strand doesn't look small on you, it's a great size and look for you.
Oh, Jeg. your blues are gorgeous! They're so blue & lustrous! I love your top, too! And your GSS look spectacular!! I really want a mixed G & WSS rope!! I just love the colors of yours!!

Frost Me, I love the colors & luster of your bracelet! It looks beautiful on you!

Bailey, Love your T's!! They look gorgeous on you & look beautiful with the large baroque strand, too! 8-10mm is a very versatile size & can work very well with larger size strands for layering.
Thank you BWeaves, Charlotta, Lilpearl and 86C!:eek:

Pretty, soft, summery colors in your bracelets, Frost Me!

Bailey, I really like the 8-10mm size. Very wearable. Looks great on its own and also lends well to layering.

More goldens and blues... A Kojima mixed strand of SS and Akoya/keshi. I put together the other strands- the shorter necklace with gemstones and Myanmar pearls/keshi, and the rope with Vietnamese Akoya.

Jeg, I love the GSS & Blue Akoya combos!!! They may be my favorites! Your Kojima rope is splendid! I wonder if Sara will ever make another one. The blues & goldens go so well together. These have made my day!!
Thanks 86C! They are sunny happy colors. I’m not typically a blue pearl person, but I sure seem to be wearing them a lot this summer. When you are lifted from Ban Island, you can always make a request. I know others who have had one, or some rendition of it, custom made. In the meantime, enjoy those mango margaritas! :cool:;)