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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
That ensemble is just gorgeous, BWeaves. The longer strand of ripples is just luminous, and the one of a kind clothing sets it all off perfectly..


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Your weaving is so remarkable ! Just beautiful and the pearls work beautifully. Sorry your sister couldn't make it...such weird weather. We had 117F two weeks ago and it's cold and raining today. But at least the weather doesn't close the airports like it does in the north. Hope she can get there soon .

Gorgeous Fijis, JEG.

It was absolutely beautiful in Florida today. It was 80F with a cool breeze. My sister was supposed to visit, but she's under 4 feet of snow in Washington state. Maybe she'll make it by next week.

Today I wore both my ripples (short one is Kojima, longer one is Pacific Pearls) and my Kasumi earrings from Kojima. Also, my SOC ring. Handwoven tunic and shawl in silk and merino wool.

The intense colors of the Pacific Pearls ripples reflect on the paler Kojima strand and make it look more intense.

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Traveling Pearl
Thank you Charlotta and BWeaves!

BWeaves, the colors of your ripples are really shouting out today. That shawl is my favorite of yours.’


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BWeaves, that explains it. They have been experiencing blizzard conditions over there. I have over a foot of snow and now freezing rain... This has been going on for over a week (unusual for our area). Not bad if you are in flat terrain, but we have steep hills everywhere!


Those pacific pearl ripples are especially glorious. Love the unique scarf and tunic. Just beautiful. And olive is such a great colour as a background for pearls.


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Olive really is the perfect background for pearls. I discovered that quite by accident, and now I've been searching out olive tops, but they're hard to find for ladies.


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Your weaving is just beautiful Bweaves. Lovely combination with the ripples, quiet luminous those. I still haven't worn my ripples, they are so big (13-15mm)...must wear them soon (but I look at them sometimes).


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BW, if you don't mind me asking. what are the mm size of the two necklaces?

I'll have to go home and measure them.

UPDATE: I don't have calipers, so I'm trying to eyeball it with a ruler.

The Kojima strand (shorter, paler strand) is 13 mm for the center pearl, and only slightly smaller for the others.

The Pacific Pearls strand (longer strand) is 15 mm for the center pearl with 12 mm pearls next to it. But most pearls are in the 12-13 mm range.

They're all baroque, so it's a little hard to get a precise measurement. They're way bigger than I thought I would ever like. And then PSS set in.
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Traveling Pearl
I barely got dressed today after spending the morning shoveling snow. We’ve had four different snowstorms blow through and it’s snowing again right now. I have never seen so much snow here in my life!

Wearing another wool sweater and my baroque Akoya strand from Kojima, doubled. It’s really not that cold, just enough to snow, but typical temperature this time of year is in the 50’s.


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I redid my self made harvest strand it add in pearls from my PP harvest bracelet today. I took out the large white edisons that I wasn’t thrilled with (bad pairing with SSP to my eye) and used keshis from the bracelet.




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JEG, you truly are a Flower Fairie! I love that sweater and the pearls.

aerinha, your harvest rope looks lovely.
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