Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

That rope is stunning, Corvettegirl <3

Today’s look - woven rosebud pearl necklace with little glass beads.

Thank you, BWeaves, Charlotta, & Battah! I love these ombré strands so much & I wear them often. My doctor liked them, too, & wants to get a strand for his wife. I told him where I got mine from & also passed along Cees info & some sites to check.

Battah, those rosebuds look sensational on you!
Battah, Those rosebuds look amazing with the "pearl dots" on your dress. I love your ringlets.
Here's a combination I haven't tried before. Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon necklace with my baroque akoya necklace and Hanadama studs from PP. The necklaces don't match at all, but they nest perfectly. The studs look great with the baroque akoyas. They're a good match.

Blue Lagoon small strand, Baroque akoya strand and Hanadama studs from Pearl Paradise
It's a lovely look, BW. Yes, they nest perfectly & the luster is great!! Not too heavy since Southern weather is still hot & humid!
I never would have put these 2 strands together before I haunted this forum. The different sizes and colors of the pearls would have bugged me. Now I really like the contrast.
I'm a sucker for a double strand! They look terrific. The longer,smaller, Pearl strand was unexpected. I really liked it.
Corvette Girl, love those ombré strands together - seriously glamorous!
Battah, that torsade is lovely and you look amazing.
BWeaves, yes, that combo looks terrific. I know that all this combining and layering has changed my stodgy mindset about what looks good.
Thanks, GemGeek! I've worn them a couple of times this week & will be wearing them again this weekend.

I agree that this forum with all it's combinations & layering has changed my old mind about what look good.
Lovely! And BWeaves, that stack is great! I recently restrung my mother's 30" blue lagoons into a double strand with a clasp I harvested from an eBay purchase. It's actually a 3 strand clasp, so I'm looking for a third one to add in between the two outer strands. My mind keeps coming back to a contrasting center...maybe I'll try it with smaller pearl (3-4mm) strand in the center!
Purr, I love lacy frilly things! Great choice!

Battah, that is one cool phone case. Love all the detail. Also love your twisted necklace!

BWeaves and 86C, really great layers with your double strands.

So sorry if I missed something, I didn’t go back very far because I’m so behind...